Good education – the power of the state

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December 13, 2018

Good education – the power of the state

A number of youth issues were discussed at the roundtable held in Tashkent by UNICEF Office in Uzbekistan.
Along with government agencies and NGOs, the contribution of international organizations operating in Uzbekistan is also important in implementation of the state youth policy.
Achieving the rights and freedoms of each child is the main task of UNICEF. This organization, which operates in 190 countries of the world, uses every opportunity to protect the interests of all the children of the world, in particular children who need special attention and help.
Specialists of the organization recognize that a decent education and upbringing youth, who constitute 60 percent of Uzbekistan’s population, will turn them into a generation that will lead Uzbekistan to a new level of socio-economic development. In addition, it is important to create opportunities for them to express their opinion, to fully and actively participate in socio-political and economic life.
As it was noted at the event, encouraging the participation of youth in socio-political process, listening to their opinion can help to make decisions and ensure their implementation, as well as increase the social responsibility of state bodies.