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October 29, 2016



The X International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange have begun in Tashkent.

All the branches of industry and leading enterprises of Uzbekistan are participating in the International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange. The building materials industry, the light industry, the car manufacturing and machine building, the food industry, the electrical engineering and pharmaceutical industries are among them. Participants are presenting products they produce or plan to produce, goods the local production of which has been proposed through industrial cooperation and also promising projects.

It was noted at the opening of the forum that it served for the optimization of production for economic entities, the development of sector-wide and inter-sectoral cooperation, the provision of information about goods produced in the country and the familiarization of customers and foreign producers with novelties.

These events have been conducted since the year 2007 in accordance with a decree dated 12 November 2007 of the country’s First President Islam Karimov “On measures to further step up sector-wide and inter-sectoral industrial cooperation” and a resolution dated 3 March 2016 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for the organization and conducting of International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange in 2016”.

Results of international industrial trade fairs and cooperative exchanges show that the interest of Uzbek enterprises and that of their foreign partners in the development of partnership in the sphere of industrial cooperation, the delivery and purchase of goods and the starting of the production of new types of products are rising with every passing year. Over the past 10 years, the number of types of products exceeded 20 thousand, the number of participants rose by a factor of seven and the number of agreements concluded rose by a factor of 11. In 2015, representatives of more than 1300 companies fr om 55 countries such as Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, India and Turkey participated in the trade fair and cooperative exchange, and 8.3 billion dollars worth of agreements were concluded.

This year, more than 2500 enterprises, companies, organizations and small business entities of Uzbekistan and more than 1300 foreign firms are participating in these events with their products. On display at the International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange are more than 24 thousand types of finished products, component parts and materials in such spheres as machine-building, car manufacturing, electrical engineering, construction, metallurgy, the chemical, oil and gas, food and light industries as well as pharmaceuticals. Here important factors are the state programme for starting the local production of goods, components and materials for 2015-2019 and a programme of measures to ensure the structural reform, modernization and diversification of the production sector for 2015-2019.

“At this event, we intend to sign over 800 million soms worth of agreements. We are displaying more than 30 types of electro-technical products at the trade fair,” says the commercial director of the Standart Elektro-Tekhnika LLC, Sherzod Murtozov.

At the Uzexpocentre where the International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange are in progress, all the necessary conditions have been created for initiating partnership ties without any hassle. Purchase and sale accords and agreements to deliver goods or to implement new projects can be concluded right there. During the event, presentations are made by branches of industry wh ere foreign investment is envisaged.

“Enterprises included in the programme for starting the local production of goods are exempted from single tax payment, property tax and income tax as well as customs duties for up to three years. This is a big advantage for those who intend to create new jobs through entrepreneurial activities. Over the past few years, enterprises of our company started the production of more than 30 types of modern building materials,” says a representative of the information service of the Ozqurilishmateriallari joint-stock company, Temur Muhammadjonov.

At the trade fair, enterprises within the Ozqurilishmateriallari joint-stock company are showing more than 50 types of products. Special attention is being paid to issues of increasing the production of import-substituting products through initiating their production locally and the development of cooperation ties with other branches of the country’s industry.

The Ozkimyosanoat joint-stock company is also participating actively in the trade fair. More than 80 types of locally-made export-oriented products have been shown, including 13 the production of which was started just recently.

“Participation in this industrial forum serves as an important factor in the formation of a portfolio of orders for next year and in the steady functioning of our enterprises. For instance, at this year’s regional industrial trade fair and cooperative exchange, we concluded agreements to export 4 million 582 thousand dollars worth of products,” says a chief specialist for marketing and international relations of the Ozkimyosanoat joint-stock company, Atajon Ilyasov.

The sectoral arrangement of industrial enterprises and the convenient location of the necessary information make it possible for participants to quickly find official representatives and exhibited objects that are of interest to them.

At the opening ceremony of the X International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange, a deputy prime minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, U.Rozikulov, made a speech.