Goods and services in Uzbekistan consumer market became more expensive

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March 5, 2018

Goods and services in Uzbekistan consumer market became more expensive

According to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics, for February of 2018, goods and services in the consumer market became more expensive by an average of 1,1%, including food products by 1,1%, non-food products by 1,3% and services by 0,7%.

In February this year, eggs became cheaper by an average of 10,5%, sugar by 3,0%, poultry by 1,3%, hard cheeses, and confectionery by 0,1%.

Of the observed types of fruits, the prices for apples increased by 6,1%, and also dried fruits – by 4,8%. Pumpkin has become more expensive for the month by 10,0%. Vegetables, tomatoes went up by 14,0%, cucumbers – by 11,7%. Prices for potatoes and onions decreased by 2,7% and 2,3%, respectively.

The nature of the dynamics of average prices from January 2017 to February this year depends on the type of goods. For example, the change in prices for beef is characterized by a steady upward trend (1,4 times as against December 2016).

Non-food products increased by 1,3% for the month, which led to an increase in the CPI by another 0,45 percentage points. Prices for brick increased most significantly: by 29,3%, cement by 8,4%, slate by 5,9%, and sawnwood by 3,3%.

The increase in prices for other groups of non-food products did not exceed 0,4%, which had no significant effect on the growth of the CPI.