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March 12, 2017



At a regular meeting of the Parliamentary Commission for the Management of Assets of the Public Fund for the Support NGOs and Other Civil Society Institutions, the participants noted that the fund provides annual financial assistance to implement over 250 projects.

In 2016 alone, more than 12.2 billion soums of grants, social orders and subsidies were allocated from the state budget and other sources. They were used to fund 275 projects and programs, especially of regional NGOs and the media.

This year, 12 billion soums will be allocated from the state budget for the active participation of civil society institutions in the implementation of the tasks outlined in the Actions Strategy.

Members of the Parliamentary Commission decided to allocate over 5.3 billion soums in the form of state grants to support projects through the organization of five contests in such areas as the extensive engagement of NGOs into the implementation of the State Program ‘Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests’, the nurturing of comprehensively advanced young people, the support for media projects to promote freedom of speech, the enhancement of environmental protection, the development of eco-tourism and promotion of healthy lifestyle, the consolidation among the people of the atmosphere of interethnic and civil harmony.

The meeting participants stressed that 2.4 billion soums would be allocated for placing the social order for the implementation of projects aimed at solving social problems, which are of great social importance.

These funds will be used to support projects to assist in the implementation of effective mechanisms for social and economic rights, freedoms and interests of the population, especially children, youth, women and persons with disabilities, raising legal awareness of the population, and the development of culture of interethnic relations.

The members of the Parliamentary Commission also decided to allocate over 4.2 billion soums in the form of subsidies to support leading public organizations.

Implementation of the projects in 2017, funded by the Public Fund under the Oliy Majlis within the government grants, social orders and subsidies, will ensure involvement of more than one thousand NGOs and other civil society institutions.