Handel’s opera in Uzbek

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January 14, 2016

Handel’s opera in Uzbek



George Frideric Handel German composer’s drama “Amir Temur” in Uzbek language can now be found in the fund of the National Library of Uzbekistan.

Musical drama was translated from Russian by our compatriot, Gul Mirzo. Handel presented his own vision of historical events in the opera. There were a lot of foreign authors, inspired with the great general’s exploits at different times. Thus, Professor Akmal Saidov gave examples of world opera in the introduction, which featured the image of our ancestors. He appears to the reader not only in opera, but in stories and tales. The attention is understandable with the ruler’s best views and his approach to governance in the era. Many authors remember his words “Power is in justice”.

The current edition’s translation will expand the circle of readers, including the younger generation in order to draw their attention to our country’s history.