Happy children at Presidential New Year tree 

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December 31, 2015

Happy children at Presidential New Year tree 


Five-years-old Sabrina asks his older brother to hold her up. She’d like to get a closer look of Santa Claus. After all, it was her first meeting with the fairy-tale character. Nine-years-old Sveta and Alyona did not take their eyes off firtree, decorated in the lobby of Palace of “Turkistan”. Today, at long-awaited holiday – Presidential tree is noisy and fun. The boys are looking forward to New Year’s performance, because they, along with fantastic heroes will go on an extraordinary journey.

Traditionally, December 29 the Palace of “Turkistan” hosts the celebration of the Presidential New Year’s tree. The event is organized by the Ministry of Education, Republican Public Children’s Fund “Sen Yolg’iz Emassan” and a number of organizations invited to orphanages, special boarding schools. This event is conducted for children who have lost a breadwinner, and ones from socially vulnerable families. Presidential tree again gathered a lot of guys. They all waited for this day, prepared in advance, sewed costumes, taught poetry.

– For this holiday I chose a suit for a long time, a graduate of the House of Mercy №23 Danil Radionov says. – I decided to wear the wizard’s costume. After all, in fairy tales they can make wonders. A New Year’s tree is one big and kind fairy tale in which children are the main characters. We look forward to performance, because thanks to it we continue to believe in miracles.

Younger guests plunged into a wonderfully magical atmosphere. Children greeted the heroes of the famous films and cartoons, entertainers. A challenging program complemented the theatrical performance with fantastic heroes, competitions and dances.

Performance “Mehrimizda sehrimiz” (“Our magic is in love”), prepared by the children’s musical theater-studio “Tomosha” gave the children the opportunity to visit all seasons at once. The children with the protagonists of fairy tales struggled with “virus of hostility” who tried to embroil characters. Kindness helped defeat it. After all, only this can open any door, solve all the problems.

– I very worried about the heroes, – one of the guests of the festival Akmal Matkasimov said. – It was interesting to find out how you can reconcile those who have ceased to hear each other. Due to the performance I realized that friendship should be cherished, because its very difficult to live without friends. The main thing – we should always keep our their hearts the goodness and believe in miracles. Because you know if one very wants something, it will come true.

Of course, all the children got the main attribute of the holiday – President’s gifts. Ministry of National Education, the fund “Sen Yolg’iz Emassan” spent much training in the organization of celebrations and delivery gifts of head of state to orphanages “Muruvvat”, “SOS – Children’s Village” and children left without parental care.

– This year we prepared 11 thousand gifts – the expert of the Ministry of National Education Sanam Radjabova says. – Presents for children sent by road to Tashkent, Syrdarya and Jizzakh regions. The plane of NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” taken about six thousand gifts to Karakalpakstan and other regions of the country.