High frontiers of the Uzbek sports 

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January 27, 2016

High frontiers of the Uzbek sports 


Uzbek sport has stepped far forward during the years of independent development. Outstanding achievements of athletes in the international arena clearly strengthen our country’s credibility. Young athletes, professionals of individual and game disciplines, showing at prestigious tournaments exceptional training and skill, eloquently confirm that they represent a country with rich sports traditions.

All these achievements are the result of a wise state policy for the progressive development of sport and physical culture, ensuring their mass through the organization of sport events, strengthening the base of professional sector and others.

In his speech at the solemn meeting devoted to the 23th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, President Islam Karimov noted that active promotion of youth physical culture and sports, building new and strengthening material-technical base operating sports facilities is very important to approve a healthy lifestyle in our society.

The adoption of the Law “On Physical Culture and Sports” in the new edition is practical result of our country’s special attention to the development of the sector. Implementation of the document promotes greater involvement of young people in physical culture and sports, enhances the effectiveness of training system, the formation of a modern infrastructure, creates the necessary conditions for the training of high-class athletes and sports reserve.

Thus, the sport in our country is an important and effective means of educating physically and spiritually mature younger generation. More than two million young people currently do it on a permanent basis. Established three-stage system of sports games “Umid Nihollari”, “Barkamol avlod” and “Universiada” has no analogues in the world. Uzbekistan, at a high organizational level, hosts world and continental championships, prestigious tournaments.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Sport plays a significant role in the improvement of the sector in the country. The agency and acting in his system organizations implement effective activities to promote physical education and sport among young people, healthy lifestyles, training and raising skills of talented athletes. For these purposes about 8,000 sports events among the general population were organized and held in 2015.

Along with the Ministry, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, a member of the International Olympic Committee, conducts great work in this direction. This organization is a physical and spiritual education of the country’s population, strengthens Uzbekistan’s position and prestige in the world arena, and establishes cooperation with foreign institutions.

An important step in the education of physically healthy generation is the establishment of Children’s Sports Development Fund at the initiative of our Head of State. In all regions of the country modern sports facilities, swimming pools, stadiums, arenas and other facilities at international standards and requirements are being built and put in operation. Over the past period, due to its fund 1701 facilities were built. They are focused on powerful material and technical base and personnel. Selfless athletes here are thoroughly trained to carry with honor in international competitions flag of Uzbekistan.

The result of taken comprehensive measures is the successful performance of our athletes in international sports forums, increases their victories.

Thus our compatriots have won 311 gold, 274 silver and 276 bronze medals in the Olympic tournament and the national sports in 2015. 51 of the Uzbek athlete have won the license at the XXXI Summer and XV Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). These important victories of Uzbek athletes filled the hearts of the country with pride and admiration.

Thus, the sport in our country is an important component of society’s harmonious development. Great attention, paid by the state, ensures a healthy way of living, dynamic improvement of physical education and sports, contributes to achieve more high goals and conquer increasingly strong positions in all spheres.