High maturity services are being introduced

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January 7, 2018

High maturity services are being introduced

“Electronic government” system development center has introduced a procedure for optimizing interactive and automated public services, to which all services provided in the new version of the Single Portal of interactive state services, SPISS 2.0 (my2.gov.uz), are exposed.

It allowed to reduce the number of organizations and specialists involved in provision of certain types of services, improve the quality, effectiveness of the latter, save time from the application to the final result.

According to the “Electronic Government” system development center, 60 interactive and automated services have already been submitted in the new version of the Single Portal of interactive state services – SPISS 2.0 (my2.gov.uz), which are very popular among the population, small business and private entrepreneurship. The number of active registered users of SPISS 2.0, which has already exceeded nine thousand, is also growing rapidly. Some of the distinguishing features of the new version of the portal are higher criteria for assessing the quality, efficiency and manufacturability of services, their optimization and automation.

The Single Portal of interactive state services (my.gov.uz), which has been functioning for more than three years, currently has been providing 308 state services. At the same time, only 176 of them are fully interactive and automated, and the rest are intended only for obtaining information or submitting applications.

As a result of introducing the optimization procedure, a complete transition to transactional services, eliminating the need for visiting various agencies and direct communication with government officials, is envisaged.