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May 22, 2017



Creating comfortable conditions for obtaining quality services in this area, the Ministry of Healthcare continues to systematically pursue a policy to boost the volume of high-tech medical care in the regions.

Now, the residents of Navoi region will not have to travel to Tashkent to get a whole range of high-tech medical services, as these technologies were introduced in the regional multi-field medical center.

Outfitting it with the latest medical equipment was the logical conclusion of the six-year work on its creation. Recently, a presentation of medical equipment of 92 items worth for $ 5.6 million was handed over to the center by the agency JICA.

Now there is a remote lithotripter that allows remove the stones from the urinary system by a non-surgical route. With the help of the newest angiograph will perform a balloon angioplasty and stenting of blood vessels to restore normal blood flow in the vessels of the heart and other organs. Among other equipment are those for magnetic resonance tomography, diagnostic, surgical and anesthesia techniques, as well as for the treatment of eye diseases.

“Earlier, our patients had to go to Tashkent to do such a widespread operation as stenting to restore normal blood flow”, said cardiologist Nozima Buranova who passed a two-year clinical studies at a university in Tokyo. “Now these and other procedures performed with angiography will be carried out in our clinic”.

The specialists who have been trained and improved their qualifications in universities and clinics in Japan and Russia, are using this equipment.