Holding Company “Uzpaxtasanoateksport” held its presentation in the international cotton conference in India 

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December 23, 2015

Holding Company “Uzpaxtasanoateksport” held its presentation in the international cotton conference in India 


City of Mumbai (India) hosted 74th plenary session of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC). The Republic of Uzbekistan is a full member of ICAC. The forum was attended by representatives of Member States and international organizations, as well as delegates from other non-member countries.

During the plenary session Chairman of the Board of HC “Uzpaxtasanoateksport” A.Kamalov informed those present about progressive development of Uzbekistan, sustained high rates of growth and diversification of economy, increasing industrial capacity of the country.

Forum participants paid particular attention to establishment of the Holding Company “Uzpahtasanoateksport”, which is united and carries out its activity based on corporate management practices. The holding company combines activities of receiving and processing raw cotton, production and export of cotton fiber, production of cotton oil, research in the cotton sector. It was noted that goals and objectives of new company include improvement of cotton products quality,  technology of primary processing of cotton and cotton seeds, increasing economic efficiency of this sector.

In his statement Chairman of “Uzpaxtasanoateksport” noted that country has consistently implemented structural reforms in the cotton industry, which are reflected in improving image and competitiveness of Uzbek cotton in the world market. While maintaining a stable fiber production, volumes of its internal processing in the domestic textile enterprises are also growing.

It should be noted that the participants of the event praised the efforts of the republic to implement the principles of corporate governance of cotton sector, which will ensure the growth of economic efficiency of cotton sector, increase real income of farm enterprise, cotton- and oil-processing enterprises. Delegates to the plenary session have also marked a large contribution of Uzbek scientists, growers and breeders to development of the world cotton industry.

On the results of presentation ICAC representatives and international experts shared their views and comments in an interview with Jahon Information Agency.

J.Sette, Executive Director of ICAC:

– Uzbekistan is one of the key countries of the world, which have a high potential in matters of production, processing and export of cotton fiber. Having familiarized with the presentation of Uzbek delegation, I want to note that combination of all cotton of republic in Holding Company “Uzpaxtasanoateksport” will further serve for development of cotton industry.

During participation in 11th International Uzbek Cotton Fair in October this year, I fully felt the efforts of leadership of your country on formation of open and transparent mechanisms for cotton trade. The transformation of this industry towards business and corporate relations will strengthen the position of Uzbekistan on the world market.

A.Guitchounts, Director of Trade Analysis of ICAC:

– Uzbekistan plays an important role in international cooperation on production and export of cotton. With a keen interest we acquainted with the information on formation of Holding Company “Uzpaxtasanoateksport”, which combines the producers of cotton, oil, general exporter and research center. I am confident that the implementation of corporate governance in this industry will promote the development of all its departments and improve the quality of cotton fiber.

We believe that the activities of HC “Uzpaxtasanoateksport” will be highly successful. This is especially true today, in an age of intense competition in this area. Our committee appreciates the cooperation with Uzbekistan, confirmation of which is our participation in the Cotton Fair annually held in your country.

E.Macdonald, Consultant at AMCOM, Chairman of the Committee for Standardization and Instrumental Testing of Cotton:

– I am pleased to note a great contribution of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the development of the global system of cotton quality assessment. The information about the results of scientific research conducted by Uzbek branch research centers on development and introduction of new varieties of selection, manufacturing equipment for primary processing of cotton, laboratory instruments on measurement of products quality.

Professor K.Bansal, Director of Indian Agricultural Research Institute:

– Scientific research carried out in Uzbekistan is very contemporary and modern. The republic has the world’s largest collection of cotton germplasm. We support the efforts of your country’s resource exchange programs with other countries on equal terms.