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January 14, 2015

Holiday Gifts for Servicemen


08.01.2015 13:00  In Fergana region, new houses have been commissioned for a group of servicemen of the frontier troops of national security service of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Holiday Gifts for Servicemen

The representatives of state and public organizations, law enforcement officials and activists from mahalla attended the event organized in connection with it.

Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov an extensive work carried out to strengthen the defence capability of the country, to ensure peace and tranquility, inviolability of the borders of our Motherland and to create the necessary conditions for military personnel, reports Uzbekistan National News Agency.

A special attention is paid to providing the military men with modern accommodation with all facilities and the construction of other infrastructure. In 2014, a number of soldiers have received modern apartments. A logical continuation of the work was the construction of a modern 24-unit building.

Captain Ravshan Soliyev is also among those who got new apartment.

“We are very glad that in the New Year we got an apartment,” says R. Soliyev. “Rendered under the guidance of the head of state care gives us more strength and energy, calls us to serve the Motherland faithfully and to be vigilant.”

The new house has all the necessary conditions for military families.