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August 13, 2017


In accordance with a Presidential decree “On celebrating Day of workers of the construction sphere of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, the second Sunday of August has been declared Day of workers of the construction sphere. On this occasion a ceremonial event has taken place in Tashkent. 

The event was attended by builders, architects, representatives of building organizations, labour veterans and good workers of the sphere.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s congratulatory message to workers of the construction sphere of this country was read out by Prime Minister A.Aripov.

It has been said that as a result of the implementation of measures to develop the construction sphere, it has turned into an important branch ensuring the modernization and diversification of the national economy and a steady rise in the living standards of the population. The number of the country’s building organizations has nearly reached 24 thousand, and there are 31 construction design institutes and three architecture-construction institutes.

12 higher educational institutions and 390 vocational colleges train qualified personnel for the construction sphere, which helps the consistent development of the sphere.
From ancient times, this country is famous for its construction traditions. And this truth is expressed in the wise words of Uzbek people’s great ancestor Amir Temur:”If you have any doubt about our might, look at our buildings.”

In the years of independence, in the capital city, in towns and distant villages completely modern buildings were constructed. Modern knowledge and methods were widely introduced into the construction sphere.

Workers of the construction sphere of the country are taking an active part in building affordable, comfy modern housing for people. In Sergeli district of the capital city, the construction of 102 multi-storey apartment houses is to be completed by the end of this year. And 15 thousand affordable houses on updated standard projects are to be built in rural areas.

In accordance with a Presidential decree dated 10 August 2017 “On giving awards to a group of workers of the construction sphere of the country”, state awards, medals and titles of honour were conferred upon a number of representatives of the sphere.

“In the years of independence, our country turned into a big construction area. In recent years, large industrial, transport and supply lines facilities were built. These and good affordable housing built for people of the country are results of consistent reforms implemented to develop the construction sphere of the country,” says the director of the Agrokvant enterprise and a laureate of the “Mehnat shuhrati [labour glory]” medal, Bahtiyor Ahmedov.

During the event, a concert was performed by popular artistes and young performers.