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January 23, 2017



In the next five years, the Ministry of Public Education is going to open 6,100 short-term groups to prepare children aged 5-6 for school in kindergartens.

It should be noted that the group of short-term stay is a relatively new phenomenon in the preschool education of children. In Uzbekistan, the first groups of short-term stay in the kindergartens were created only three or four years ago as an alternative to prepare children for school.

Teachers of primary classes stated that to date the level of training of children who come to the first class, is very different. Respectively, it makes difficult to work with them and negatively affect on the quality of the educational process. The reason is that some children attended kindergarten, but others were grown by their parents as they thought it was right. To solve the issue the Ministry of Education implemented a variety of programs to support families in this difficult matter.

One form of support is to create a short-term stay groups. To date, there are functioning about 2,220 such groups in the country and more than 6 thousand are going to open in the next five years.

Such groups are for the children of five to six years of age who did not attend and are not planning to attend kindergartens to ensure training for school and to have later the same opportunities as the children who went to the kindergarten.

What advantages will give a child a group of short-term stay? The chief of the department of preschool educational institutions of the Ministry of Public Education Sabokhat Mirjalilova answers this question:

– First, it is, of course, adaptation and socialization in the society. In addition, the children perform the same exercises as with students from the main group that impart in them new skills and abilities further promoting the prompt adaptation of the child to the study at a school.

Another advantage of the group of short-term stay is more for the mother than for the baby. The child spends three or four hours to the group of short-term stay, while the mother can safely go to the store, prepare a meal or visit a hairdresser, being sure that her child is not only supervised but also engaged in a useful work.

Experts point out that to give or not to give the child to the group of short-term stay – every parent decides themselves. However, in deciding it is better have the necessary information so that the choice would be sound and reasonable. And then selected option of pre-school education will be the best for your beloved child.