In Namangan, 12,000 people to be involved in social work during this year

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January 12, 2018

In Namangan, 12,000 people to be involved in social work during this year

12 minibuses have been given to centres for helping with employment in towns and districts of Namangan Region.

An event has been held on this occasion with the participation of representatives of the wider public.

It was noted at the event that measures being taken to provide support for the low-income stratum of the population in this country produced high results.

Involving people in paid social work is among measures directed towards ensuring their social security, and not only its economic significance but also its moral significance are great.

The necessity of paid social work can be seen in Namangan district’s experience. In the last two months of last year, 600 unemployed people were involved in paid social work, and this experiment was justified.

“In all the neighbourhoods of the district, 600,000 square metres of area and irrigation networks were cleaned. 167 m soms was paid to members of low-income families that were involved in social work,” says S.Jorayev, acting director of Namangan district’s centre for helping with employment.

On the basis of this experience, in the first three months of this year, 2 thousand people will be involved in social work, and during this year, 12 thousand people will be involved in paid social work. More than 5 bn soms will be allocated for this purpose.

The hokim (governor) of Namangan Region, H.Bozorov, made a speech at the event.