In Navoiy town, modern pre-school day care establishment put into use

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, pre-school day care establishment No 27 in the town of Navoiy was reconstructed and put into use.

The hokim (mayor) of the town of Navoiy, U.Halilov; the chief of the regional pre-school education department, G.Aslonova; and others said that in this country special attention was paid to creating the necessary conditions for bringing up the younger generation to be well in every respect and to stepping up reforms in the education sector.

Specifically, due to the work of experienced teachers with a higher education degree high results have been achieved in the pre-school education of children.

A Presidential decree dated 30 September 2017 on measures to improve the management of the pre-school education system is an important programme document in this sphere.

This year, 4 pre-school day care establishments in the region were reconstructed, and major repairs were carried out on 6 such facilities in the region. In the year 2018, 10 pre-school day care establishments in the region are to be reconstructed.

“Our establishment has been modernized and provided with all the necessary equipment. Teachers with many years of experience and a higher education degree work at this facility. Its science, sport and art clubs have been provided with the most modern equipment,” says Mashhura Hamidova, the chairwoman of pre-school day care establishment No 27.

Builders of the Navoiy Grand Dilayver LLC carried out 1 bn 85 m soms worth of work on this facility. A playground was also built there for children.

On the same day, the reconstructed buildings of three pre-school day care establishments in Uchquduq district were put into use.

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