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November 28, 2017

In the fight against corruption

Freight transportation is integrated into modern life, therefore, reflects the needs of society and the general trends of its development. Moreover, a strong barrier of corruption should be put here. This was discussed at a seminar on prevention of corruption in the sphere of automobile passenger and freight transportation, held at the Uzbek Agency of Automobile and River Transport.

The event was attended by the employees of the Uzbek Agency of Automobile and River Transport, representatives of about 20 domestic enterprises specializing in international and intercity automobile passenger and freight transportation, teachers of Tashkent State University of Law, lawyers and journalists.

Deputy head of the Uzbek Agency of Automobile and River Transport Sh.Shavakhabov, and others noted that corruption negatively affects the socio-economic development of any state and society, weakens the rule of law, which ultimately leads to violation of human rights and freedoms. In our country, special attention is paid to counteracting any manifestations of economic crime and corruption, a solid legal framework, a clear system for preventing and combating economic violations has been formed. The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On combating corruption” has become an important legal basis for increasing the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures carried out by the state bodies, organizations and civil society institutions.

Currently, experts of the Uzbek Agency of Automobile and River Transport, together with officials of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan and the General Prosecutor’s Office of Uzbekistan, are conducting seminars and trainings, meetings and roundtables for representatives of transport companies, government organizations and institutions in all regions of the country. Participants are provided with information on the latest changes in the legislation of our country aimed at prevention and eradication of economic crimes and corruption.

In order to increase the transparency of licensing activities of motor-transport enterprises, the Uzbek Agency of Automobile and River Transport introduced a new interactive service. It allows entrepreneurs to apply for a license and all necessary documents in electronic form. As a result, the process of issuing official documents is being accelerated and the human factor is excluded, which significantly reduced the possibility of corruption. A “helpline” was also established, and the agency’s website provided an opportunity to file electronic complaints on illegal actions.