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January 18, 2017



The Federation of Trade Unions has developed a new model project of the collective agreement for 2017 which is recommended to use in enterprises as an exemplary instance. The new edition includes standards which were provided in the new edition of the Laws “On Labor Protection” and “On trade unions, rights and guarantees of their activities” entered into force recently.

In particular, changes concern the trade union committee authorities on the implementation of public control over the performance of the legislation requirements of on employment, labor and trade unions at enterprise.

Now, in the contracts it is recommended to describe in detail the duties of the employer, to monthly transfer funds amounting to a certain percentage of the wage bill to the account of the trade union committee, not only for cultural and sports and sporting events, but also organization of excursions, purchasing tickets to concerts, theaters, parks of culture and rest, material assistance, encouragement and co-pay for the trade union committee of employees and other purposes determined by the collective agreement.

The contracts of new sample recommend to prescribe the duties of the employer to consider submitted ideas of the trade union committee on elimination of legislation violations and to inform the trade union committee on the result of consideration in a 15-day period.

On the basis of proposals of member organizations of the Trade Unions Federation it is reasonable to include a new norm – the extension of the collective agreement on part-time, in the collective agreements. It is also recommended the inclusion of the trade union committee representatives in the Commissions on making decisions related to the socio-economic interests of workers.

Trade unions insist on the organization of free medical examination of pensioners who have worked for many years at the company until retirement. In addition, the trade unions consider it necessary to establish public control over compliance with the terms of the quadripartite agreement on employment concluded between an employer, college, graduate and mayor (hokim).

In order to ensure full compliance with international labor standards the concept of “reputational risks for the enterprise” is introduced for the first time in the draft model contracts which provides the duty of the employer and the trade union committee to monitor the observance of fundamental principles and rights at work in the supply chain of raw materials, materials and components to the enterprise.