In Urgut District of Samarqand Region, new homes have been provided for the families of servicemen of a military unit of the Border Troops of the National Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

At an event held on this occasion, it was said that in the process of implementation of consistent reforms in the country’s Armed Forces, special attention was paid to giving comprehensive support to military servicemen and their family members and to providing social security for them as well as to further improving their living conditions. Modern homes are being built for military servicemen, and privileges are being provided for the use of living accommodation.

In the homes built on the basis of modern projects in the territory of the “Turtkul” neighbourhood, all the necessary conditions have been created for military servicemen’s family members. Its reception room, children’s room and bedroom as well as comfy kitchen are fitted out with the necessary equipment.

“This home which was put into use on the eve of the New Year holiday and the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a big gift for our family. We regard it as a result of care being provided by the state to military servicemen and their family members. In response to this kind of attention, we will properly carry out tasks set before us and serve selflessly to ensure peace in our country, the inviolability of its borders and the people’s tranquillity,” says military serviceman B.Holmirzayev.

As part of the event, a concert programme was arranged for military servicemen and their family members.

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