In Vertical, Compact and Gigabyte Way

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July 7, 2016

In Vertical, Compact and Gigabyte Way


A few years ago, we lamented information ‘hunger’, while now we have so much information that literally ‘pursues’ people. And the majority of people like that.

According to a survey, more than 80% of users first check information updates in the first 15 minutes after turning on the phone. There are specialized tracks on sidewalks in Europe for those who surf in smartphones. Is it time for mobile journalism?

This is already an era of ‘peek journalism’, the audience clamors for the vertical, compact, and gigabytes. Reading updates should take no more than three seconds. So writing short news is as hard as you do a detailed report. The glance-journalist should meet all standards of journalism in search, collecting and processing information.

The media youth of our nongovernmental television and radio companies I often meet at training workshops has learned to produce not just mobile stuff, but also television reports, interviews, have mastered a difficult format of TIMELAPSE speed film, and are trying to work in Listicle format, when the problem is described by five or six specific questions and quick concise answers.

Young media workers are free in expressing their ideas, they do not limit themselves, turning into advanced and modern journalists. Most importantly, they have the strength, time, knowledge and desire.