Increasing well-being of the population is the main goal of reforms

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January 6, 2018

Increasing well-being of the population is the main goal of reforms

On January 5, 2018, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the ongoing reforms and construction activities in Tashkent region.

The Head of our state visited the “Highway logistics” center in Zangiata district.

The experience of Germany, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and other countries in the field of logistics was studied in organizing a multifunctional center with modern facilities.

350 jobs have been created at the center with a total cost of more than 40 million US dollars and with an area of 14,2 hectares. Its annual capacity of providing logistics services on the export and import of goods is 1,2 million tons.

The customs department is organized on the territory of the center. There is a centralized warehouse of products, customs post, bank, departments for filling in declarations, certification and inspection, companies on sending and receiving goods, customs brokers.

Such customs centers need to be organized in each region, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Responsible persons were given necessary instructions on application of modern technologies in harvesting and storage of agricultural products.

Presentation of programs on increasing the export potential of Tashkent region, growing, storage and processing of fruit and vegetable products, organization of cattle-breeding and greenhouse farming, development of leather and footwear industry in 2018-2019 was held.

The Head of our state visited “Zangi ota” complex.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited citizens’ gathering of “Fayzli” makhalla in the city of Yangiyul.

The draft general plan of Yangiyul, a program of repairing the apartment buildings of the city and improving activities of private homeowners’ associations on the basis of modern technologies was presented.

About 87 thousand people are living in Yangiyul. There are 241 multi-storey houses in the city. They are served by private homeowners’ associations.

The Head of our state noted that time has come for improving activity of private homeowners’ associations in accordance with modern requirements, introduction of information technologies into the sphere.

The officials were given instructions on carrying out full repair of multi-storey houses of Yangiyul in the current year, construction of 12 seven-storey houses, a market, a supermarket, a bridge and a modern park.

The projects presented to the President of our country envisage reconstruction and renovation of the city’s sewerage networks, improvement of drinking water supply of Kibray and Zangiata districts, and of the heating system of the city of Chirchik.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the house of prevention inspector of “Fayzli” makhalla, Anvar Toshev. 4,2 thousand people are living in this makhalla.

The President of our country talked with residents of the makhalla.

The Head of our state visited Yangiyul district medical association, got acquainted with activities of this medical association, talked with patients, asked about their health.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev talked with Zulaykho Aliyeva, who is receiving treatment in the cardiology department of the hospital, was interested in conditions of life, the family. On the same day, on the instruction of the President of our country, Z.Aliyeva has been sent for treatment to the Republican Specialized Center of Cardiology. Her family will be allocated a new three-room apartment.

More than 262 thousand people are living in Yangiyul district. The first building of the district medical association was built in 1912, the last building was put into operation in 1979. In recent years, partial repair has been carried out in the buildings. To date, most of the buildings of the medical institution are outdated, the medical equipment does not meet modern requirements. Patients have to visit the medical institutions in the capital and receive treatment.

The main goal of reforms that are being implemented in the medical sphere is achievement of people’s satisfaction with life, strengthening their health, said the President of our country. Getting acquainted with the situation at places, studying conditions in medical institutions will help us to raise in the future the quality of services to a higher level.

The territory of the district medical association is almost 10 hectares. The Head of our state gave instructions on organization of private medical institutions on 5 hectares of this area, and the state medical institutions on the rest, their equipment with the most modern medical technologies.

The President of our country visited the territory of the former factory “Kanop”, inspected agricultural machinery and units, got acquainted with projects on development of the agrarian sector.

At present, activities of clusters, which include all the process from procurement of raw materials to the production of finished products, are being organized in our country. This activity yields tangible results.

The Head of our state got acquainted with projects on organization of cotton-textile clusters in the country, including in Pskent, Urtachirchik, Kuyichirchik, Akkurgan and Buka districts. It is planned to implement a project on organization of a cluster with a full cycle of production of finished products from cotton in 2018-2020, in Kuyichirchik district. For this purpose, more than 59 million dollars of investments will be attracted, over 600 jobs will be created. This year, it is planned to implement more than 60 such projects in our country.

“Gold Agro Standard” LLC in Kuyichirchik district is creating a livestock farm with a project cost of 7 billion sums. The complex, introduction of which is expected in the fourth quarter of this year, will be able to process 360 tons of meat and meat products per year. 25 people will be employed after implementation of the project.

It is planned to organize an agrological center in Bekabad district, that will deal with freezing, drying, packing and storing fruit and vegetable products. The center with a total area of 2,5 hectares will be put into operation in the third quarter of 2019. As a result, 200 people will be employed. In a year, the enterprise will export products worth 8,6 million dollars to Japan, South Korea and the European Union countries.

Presentation of projects on further development of livestock, poultry, fish farming, cultivation of technical hemp, organization of a complex on quarantine and veterinary services for sports and service horses, a stud farm, greenhouses and others was also held.

Many proposals were received on organizing 10th and 11th grades in general education schools during the meetings and conversations of the Head of our state with residents of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the regions and the city of Tashkent, representatives of public, in the appeals of parents to the Virtual and People’s Receptions Offices of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

After organization of the 10th grades at schools, starting from 2017/2018 school year, measures are being taken on effective operation of buildings of professional colleges that are being released in this connection.

Projects were presented for the President on effectively using buildings of the former professional colleges of Akkurgan district, including in order to attract the population to entrepreneurship, organization of artisan classes. As an example, information was given on projects of organizing a youth training center, migration center, public center, shopping center in the building of Akkurgan college of construction and communal services.

Principles of fairness and openness must be observed in realization of unused entities. For this, it is necessary to establish electronic trading, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Presentation of projects on reconstruction of the district center in accordance with the requirements of modern urban planning, the transfer of the old market and creation of a park in its place, as well as the general plan of the city, was held. Getting acquainted with the projects, the President of our country noted the need for their improvement and creating new jobs.

An extraordinary session of Tashkent regional Kengash of people’s deputies was held.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev delivered a speech at the session.

The Head of our state spoke about measures on development of the economy of Tashkent region, expanding sources of financing of the region, supporting entrepreneurship, creating jobs, improving social conditions.

At the session, the organizational issue was considered. G.Ibragimov was appointed to the post of khokim of Tashkent region.