Indicators of the building materials industry in 2015 

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February 4, 2016

Indicators of the building materials industry in 2015 


In 2015, the construction materials industry enterprises produced goods to 4 603,8 billion soums, or 114,1 percent compared to the same previous of the last year.

The large enterprises sector increased by 4,7 times the production of kaolin compared with the year 2014, sheet glass by 25,8 percent, marble, travertine, alabaster and articles thereof by 17,1 percent, ceramic roof tiles by 16,7 percent, non-refractory ceramic building bricks by 16,5 percent. In addition, production of construction solutions and mixtures twice increased, lime by 46,8 percent, Portland cement by 12,3 percent.

The largest volume of production of construction materials recorded in the Tashkent region, which produced 20,9 percent of the total volume of production in the industry, Navoiyskon region 20,1 percent, Fergana region 12,5 percent and Tashkent 11,2 percent.

The total volume of products share is growing, manufactured by small businesses, which reached 52 percent.

At the beginning of this year 5065 enterprises producing construction materials acted in the republic, 720of which were established in 2015.

According to the State committee of Uzbekistan on statistic