The X International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange have concluded in Tashkent. 

During last year’s forum, thanks to favourable conditions created for reaching mutually advantageous agreements, product-purchase contracts worth 11.8 trillion soms were signed, and 8.3 billion dollars worth of export agreements were concluded. This year the amount of agreements on the purchase of products rose nearly by a factor of 1.16 as compared with last year’s indicator. This shows that in the world demand for goods made in Uzbekistan is rising.

This traditional event conducted in accordance with a decree dated 12 November 2007 of the country’s First President Islam Karimov “On measures to further step up sector-wide and inter-sectoral industrial cooperation” is an important factor in the development of new forms and areas of production with the use of local raw materials.

Participants in the cooperative exchange had an opportunity to envision prospects for cooperation, plan production volumes and form a portfolio of orders for next year.

The event took place in two stages. In 13 regional trade fairs that took place in March-June this year, more than 5 thousand industrial enterprises took part. They concluded more than 1 trillion soms worth of agreements on product supplies and industrial cooperation. Participants were greatly interested in ore-extraction equipment, mini-tractors for horticultural businesses, electric generators, medical equipment, high-quality oil and ceramic products.

At the second stage, more than 3 thousand domestic enterprises, companies and organizations of the machine-building, car manufacturing, electro-technical, construction, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, food, light industry and pharmaceutical sectors offered more than 22 thousand types of finished products, components and materials. More than 1 thousand of the goods that were presented had been made on the basis of local production.

“Our enterprise produces low-voltage and high-voltage cables on the basis of cooperation. We produce more than 1.5 thousand kilometres of products of various types and sizes a month. Construction enterprises are our constant partners. We are participating in trade fairs and cooperative exchanges for two years already, and thanks to them we are finding new partners. This year, we concluded more than 30 agreements,” says the chief of a department of the ProCab joint venture, Rustam Abdurahmonov.

During the forum, more than 1.3 thousand representatives of firms and companies from Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries familiarized themselves with Uzbekistan’s industrial potential. They concluded agreements on the purchase of products made in Uzbekistan and also had an opportunity to evaluate prospects for the establishment of joint ventures in the country.

The favourable investment climate created in the country helps to further expand trade and economic relations with foreign partners and to attract modern technologies. Enterprises of the Uzeltekhsanoat joint-stock company showed a wide exposition at the trade fair. Exhibits of such participants as the Sino joint-stock company, the Foton enterprise and a group of companies with the Artel trademark attracted the attention of many visitors.

In recent years, the country’s electro-technical industry started the production of sophisticated consumer appliances and radio-technical goods, including modern types of TV sets, refrigerators for domestic and industrial use, air conditioners, gas cookers, vacuum cleaners, energy-saving lamps, electric kettles, irons and telephones.

During the X International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange that lasted for 10 days, big industrial enterprises and small business and private entrepreneurship entities gave more than 50 presentations. During presentations by regions of Uzbekistan, detailed information was given about work in progress on the use of local resources, the further development of cooperation between entrepreneurship entities and big industrial enterprises.

At the conclusion of the X International Industrial Trade Fair and Cooperative Exchange, exemplary enterprises, companies and organizations were identified in various nominations, and its active participants were given memorable gifts. In the “best regional presentation” nomination, Tashkent Region and Qashqadaryo Region won. The Navoiy ore-mining and metallurgy combine and the Ozbekiston Temir Yollari joint-stock company were given awards for the best presentations.

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