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February 27, 2017



At Tashkent’s international cooperation centre, a scheduled session of the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan intergovernmental joint commission for bilateral cooperation has taken place.

The session was attended by leaders and representatives of the two countries’ ministries and departments working in such areas as external economic relations, trade, the economic sphere, investment, energy, oil and gas, customs, transport and transportation links, railways, air transportation, machine-building, electrical engineering, agriculture, food and pharmaceuticals production.

Ochilboy Ramatov, a co-chairman of the commission and first deputy prime minister of Uzbekistan, has said specifically that the two countries’ cooperation in such areas as trade, transport, energy and the economic area is developing consistently and that agreements reached at meetings of the two states’ leaders are a law-based foundation for this cooperation between the two countries.

Uzbekistan exports electrical energy, fruits and vegetables, oil products and mineral fertilizers to Kazakhstan. Enterprises established with the participation of investors from Kazakhstan are working in such spheres in Uzbekistan as trade, services and building materials production.

Askar Mamin, a co-chairman of the commission and first deputy prime minister of Kazakhstan, has said that there are a lot of untapped potential for the further development of the two countries’ bilateral cooperation in various economic spheres.

“Uzbekistan is one of the most important partners of Kazakhstan. We are interested in bilateral cooperation in the development of tourism relations along with a number of other areas between our countries, especially tourism to Uzbekistan’s ancient cities such as Tashkent, Samarqand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shahrizabz. This session of the commission was a good opportunity to discuss the issues of further stepping up the two countries’ cooperation and implementing promising joint projects,” says Marat Igaliyev, director of the tourism department of the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan.

The members of Kazakhstan’s delegation were acquainted with the results of economic reforms being implemented in Uzbekistan, conditions being created for the attraction of foreign investments to the country’s economy, the country’s export potential and possibilities in its industrial zones. It is necessary to make complete use of the existing possibilities for the further intensification of the bilateral relations, the sides’ said. It was also said that further raising the volume of bilateral trade and expanding cooperation in such areas as trade, the economic sphere, transport and energy were of benefit to bоth Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

“In the year 2016, the Uzagroexport joint-stock company and its partners in Kazakhstan established Central Asia’s Trading House in the city of Astana,” says the director general of the trading house, Alisher Mahmudov.

During the session, there was discussion about further raising the volume of bilateral trade and expanding its scope and about issues of developing relations in such spheres as customs, oil and gas, the cultural and humanitarian area and environmental protection and drawing up and implementing mutually advantageous projects together.

During the intergovernmental commission’s session, documents were signed on further developing the two countries’ cooperation in various areas.

The members of Kazakhstan’s delegation familiarized themselves with the work of a number of industrial enterprises in this country.