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December 25, 2014

Introduction of ICT


The Museum of the Communications History of Department for the experts on the analysis and assessment of the implementation of ICT in government Centre for the Development of the “Electronic Government” (CDEG), as well as representatives of the Center of Information Security (CIS) organized a seminar on the introduction of modern information technologies, reports www.uzinfocom.uz.

By the end of Q3 of 2014, the monitoring covered 122 state bodies, subjected to the rating assessment, including 47 government bodies, 61 economic management authorities, 14 public authorities in the field. The evaluation was conducted by experts of CDEG, CIS, Center Uzinfocom on single methodology by analyzing the official websites of government agencies on the Internet, as well as information provided by government agencies in the interagency system nis.uz.

This workshop helped to solve many issues to clarify state agencies to their problem areas and provide recommendations based on the identified deficiencies in the monitoring.