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October 29, 2016



Over 370 companies involving foreign capital have been created in Uzbekistan since early 2016.

Further development of the national industry is impossible without the involvement of leading international experience and developments, loans fr om international financial institutions and organizations and implementation of joint initiatives with major international producers.

Uzbekistan has made significant progress in privatization and attracting foreign investors. The country is home to more than 4,900 enterprises established with participation of foreign capital from more than 90 countries.

It is important to understand that the increased presence of the private sector in the fields of economy through the sale of state property can only be achieved through the involvement of professional and strategic foreign investors. To this end, Uzbekistan has been running a program for the transfer of unprofitable, low-profit and economically insolvent enterprises at zero cost to investors who are willing to commit themselves to the restoration and creation of new modern production facilities.

Among the most active investors in the first nine months of 2016 are Chinese residents who have created 78 companies, Russia – 75, South Korea – 29, the UK – 29, Kazakhstan – 24, Turkey – 24, India – 17 and Iran – 11.

The largest number of such companies – 258 – was created in Tashkent. Among the leaders are Tashkent Region with 39 companies, Samarkand Region with 15, Andijan Region with 13, Ferghana Region – 10, Bukhara Region – 7, Syrdarya region – 5, and the Republic of Karakalpakstan – 8 companies, according to the State Statistics Committee.

Also noteworthy is economic sectors, wh ere new companies are involved. In the industrial sector are 180 entities, trade – 64, construction – 28, services – 15, agriculture, forestry and fisheries – 12, and information and communication – 6.