Islam Karimov Receives US Deputy Secretary of State

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May 25, 2014

Islam Karimov Receives US Deputy Secretary of State

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the Oqsaroy on May 7 met with William Burns, the United States Deputy Secretary of State, who has been in our country on a working visit.

The parties to talks said they appreciate the progressive dynamics in the bilateral interaction in political, economic, humanitarian and other spheres the two sides share interest.

The established systemic dialogue across diverse areas, including regular contacts at the level of legislatures and foreign affairs agencies of our two nations, has allowed the two sides to build relations of fruitful and constructive cooperation.

A particular significance has been attached at the meeting to the current state and prospects in the enhancement of trade-economic and investment interaction.

190 enterprises with the engagement of American companies, including 53 with a hundred percent foreign capital, operate currently in the Uzbek market, while 40 leading corporations of the United States have their offices accredited in this country.

During the thorough-going conversation, Uzbekistan’s leader and the high-ranking US diplomat discussed also issues pertaining to regional and international affairs and exchanged views on the developments in Afghanistan in the context of regional security and stability.

William Burns expressed gratitude to the head of our state for a warm reception and, on behalf of the leadership of the United States, confirmed the willingness of the country he represents to keep advancing its relations with Uzbekistan across a variety of spheres.