Israeli “Menorah”: “Presidential elections in Uzbekistan held in compliance with all canons of democracy”

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May 4, 2015

Israeli “Menorah”: “Presidential elections in Uzbekistan held in compliance with all canons of democracy”


mehopaIn the regular issue of the Israeli newspaper “Menorah” published an article devoted to the election of the President of Uzbekistan.

As the newspaper writes, the elections were free and held in compliance with all the canons of democracy. It is a fact that is confirmed by more than 300 international observers from dozens of countries and international organizations.

It is reported that in the last election by a large margin by political rivals defeated incumbent President Islam Karimov, for whom voted 90,39% of voters.

Special attention is paid to the publication of the fact that Uzbekistan, among the very few post-Soviet states has managed to maintain stable and sustainable development. Today, the republic produces its own cars, products of the chemical and electrical industries, purposefully prepares its own personnel to enter and gain a foothold in the league of countries that dictate fashion in the field of high technologies.

Finally, it emphasizes that the Uzbek land live and feel free to representatives of various nationalities, including Jews, to which everyone in the country is kind. It is an indisputable fact . Let’s just recall how the Uzbeks during the World War II shared last cake with them, as well as Russian and Ukrainians.