IT Park organizes Open Days for Startupers

IT Park together with Uzbekistan Venture Investment Association will hold Startup Advice Open Days for Startupers.
According to IT Park, many startupers do not know how to present their ideas correctly or are afraid to turn to specialists for help and advice. The reasons may be different. Someone is afraid of being ridiculed, unappreciated, or simply unintelligible, to seem stupid. This is quite a normal human factor that is inherent in everyone, but it can become a real obstacle to implementation of large innovative projects. To solve this problem, open days will be held every Tuesday from 16:00 at IT Park Office. Everyone can come here for free at specified time to present their startup and get advice on improving their idea and its implementation.
IT Park, which has become an organic part of local startup ecosystem, has created favorable conditions for further development of domestic startup movement. Its residents are granted a number of tax and customs privileges and preferences. The necessary modern infrastructure was created for them. In general, the entire Park will consist of four buildings. They will house a co-working center, IT Academy, a laboratory and a hotel. IT Park branches will also be opened in all regions of the country.

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