“Japanese public highly interested in Uzbekistan”

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December 14, 2015

“Japanese public highly interested in Uzbekistan”

japan_publicJapanese city of Nara hosted a presentation of culture, art and tourism potential of Uzbekistan for government representatives and the general public of Japan. The event has been organized in the framework of the VI Congress of local and regional authorities of East Asian countries.

Exposition of our country, which has been decorated in a traditional style, has caused great interest among visitors.

The guests have been provided with detailed information about the history, culture and traditions of the Uzbek people, landmarks and tourist attractions of the country. Particular attention was drawn to the modern development of Uzbekistan, achievements in socio-economic, cultural, humanitarian and tourism spheres.

Photos and videos of the greatness and beauty of the world-famous cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, allow the Japanese public to get to know its history and Uzbekistan.

A colorful addition to the presentation was a concert, during which were performed by the Uzbek songs and dances. In addition, a demonstration of national costumes and fabrics.

In an interview with the Jahon information agency Governor of Nara Prefecture Shogo Arai said that Uzbekistan has a long history, deep rooted in millennia. The territory of the republic for centuries was the center of many civilizations, religious beliefs, traditions and cultures. This, in particular, by the presence of numerous archaeological finds on Uzbek land.

– We intend to continue the practice of presentations of Uzbekistan in Nara Prefecture, as well as among the Japanese public has a high interest in your country, its history and modern development. This, we hope, will further increase the tourist flow into the country.

Yasuhiro Nakanishi, director general of the Department of Regional Development and Tourism of Nara Prefecture:

– We know that Uzbekistan pays great attention to the preservation of the heritage of ancestors, the study of history, the development of art and culture.

Today we have witnessed the unique beauty and originality of the Uzbek dances, which have not lost their appeal for many centuries. I am very glad that I was lucky enough to join the ancient culture, art and traditions of the Uzbek people.