JICA held Annual meeting of JICA Alumni association Uzbekistan

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April 14, 2014

JICA held Annual meeting of JICA Alumni association Uzbekistan

On 29 March 2014, JICA held Annual meeting of members of JICA Alumni association Uzbekistan who participated in Training and Dialogue Programs in Japan. The members represented different government organizations of Uzbekistan, i.e. ministries, committees, agencies and higher education institutions.

During the meeting, Alumni activities from April 2013 to March 2014 have been reviewed, especially, results of six implemented mini-projects of JICA ex-trainees. Also information on training courses and plan of work of JICA Alumni Association Uzbekistan in 2014 was shared with representatives of government organizations of Uzbekistan.

It should be mentioned that the training and dialogue programs meet various needs that Uzbekistan have by covering a wide range of professional fields, ranging from education, health, infrastructure, energy, trade and finance, to agriculture and rural development, cutting edge science and technology and environmental protection. A variety of programs are customized to address the specific needs of different target organizations, such as policy-making organizations, service provision organizations, as well as research and academic institutions.

Since 1993 JICA Uzbekistan has been implementing these programs for various government officers and professionals of Uzbekistan as part of the Official Development Assistance of the Government of Japan based on bilateral agreement between both Governments. As of today JICA has dispatched around 1900 trainees (1877) from Uzbekistan. Conducted mainly in Japan, JICA provide trainees from Uzbekistan with opportunities to acquire practical knowledge accumulated in Japanese society.