Karakalpakstan: analysis of implemented activities and plans for the future

On December 15, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The main purpose of the trip is to analyze and to become acquainted with the process of tasks, identify priority areas of activities for the next two years.

The Head of our state during his trip to Karakalpakstan on January 20-21 of this year defined systemic measures on development of the region’s economy, improving social conditions. Over the past period, these instructions have been consistently executed.

In accordance with the program developed on the results of that trip, 242 projects worth 160 billion sums, aimed at development of industry, were implemented. This allowed to create almost 4 thousand workplaces.

Thus, the first line of “Karakalpak cement” enterprise with the production capacity of 200 thousand tons of cement per year was put into operation in Karauzak district. Production of 150 thousand Samsung TV sets at “Technik global” enterprise in Nukus, 8 thousand tons of polyethylene pipes and household goods at “Nukus polymer” has been established. “Vegatex global” enterprise of Turtkul district annually produces 5 thousand tons of yarn.

The problem of drinking water supply, which is very important for people of Karakalpakstan, remained unresolved for many years. Therefore, in a short time, Kungrad – Muynak water pipe with a length of 101 kilometers was laid and “Kungrad” water distribution plant was built. It allowed providing 25 thousand people of Muynak district with clean drinking water.

In accordance with the Investment program, the existing water supply networks have been reconstructed and upd ated at the expense of the budgetary funds and funds of the Aral Sea Region Development Fund. As a result, drinking water supply has been established for more than 50 thousand residents of 35 settlements.

The second building of the “Louvre in the desert” – the State Museum of Art named after I.Savitsky, which is the pride of not only Karakalpakstan, but also of all of our country, was erected, equipped according to international standards and put into operation.

New buildings of the Museum of Local Lore of Karakalpakstan, a school for gifted children named after the Hero of Uzbekistan Ibrohim Yusupov, a park named after Amir Temur, a large sports complex with modern conditions have been built. The mosque of Imam Eshon Muhammad was reconstructed and put into operation.

Similar transformations took place in all districts, villages and auls. Success has been achieved in development of the region, the standard of living of the population has been improved. Most importantly, people feel these themselves.

Therefore, people of Karakalpakstan welcomed the current trip of the President of our country with great enthusiasm. The scale, significance of the program of the trip, as well as measures determined during the acquaintance with the objects corresponds to it.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev began his trip with a visit to preschool education institution No.8 of Chimbay district. The fact that the first point of the trip was a kindergarten, is of great importance. In each of his speeches and during trips to the regions, the President of our country forwards initiatives and sets important tasks on improving the quality of preschool education, cardinal improvement of preparation of children for school, introducing modern education programs and technologies that are widely used in the world practice into the sphere.

In accordance with the resolution of the President of our country “On measures of further improving the system of preschool education in 2017-2021” of December 29, 2016, measures are being taken on strengthening the material and technical base of the existing preschool education institutions, construction of new ones, including in rural areas, providing them with modern equipment, educational and methodical aids, multimedia resources.

By the Decree of Shavkat Mirziyoyev on cardinal improvement of the management of preschool education system, of September 30 this year, the Ministry of Preschool Education was established. The main tasks of the new ministry are the phased coverage of all children with preschool education system, creation of a network of state and non-state preschool education institutions in the country for healthy competition, introduction of alternative forms of preschool education and upbringing of children.

Large-scale activity is being carried out in the Republic of Karakalpakstan for the execution of these resolution and decree. There are 318 preschool education institutions, including 3 private and 7 kindergartens at various organizations. 48 106 children or 32 percent of all children of the region are being educated there.

The Head of our state got acquainted with conditions created in the kindergarten, congratulated children on the upcoming New Year holiday.

We are paying special attention to the system of preschool education, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. If today we do not pay proper attention to the education of youth, tomorrow it may be too late. Preschool education institutions must be built taking into account climatic conditions. Each room must have a warm floor. In addition, it is necessary to revise the system of personnel training for the sphere. It is also necessary to organize special courses at higher education institutions. The professional level of educators is very important for the future of children.

The Head of our state noted the need to take into account the South Korean experience in preparation of projects on organization of new kindergartens.

The current projects of such structures, developed on the basis of outdated decisions, do not justify themselves. We must build broad and bright children’s bedrooms and classes, and the administrative offices should be more compact, noted the President.

Presentation of standard projects of construction of preschool education institutions for 50, 100, 150 places was held. Information was presented on further expansion of the network of state and non-state preschool education institutions, formation of healthy competition between them, introduction of new forms of preschool education on the basis of public-private partnership.

Instructions were given on attracting graduates of pedagogical colleges to retraining courses and their admission to work in preschool education institutions.

The Head of our state visited the academic lyceum under Nukus branch of Tashkent State Agrarian University, in Chimbay district.

Presentation of projects on further development of pharmaceutical industry, supporting manufacturers of medicines and medical products, saturation of the domestic market with qualitative medicines of domestic production was held.

The President of our country highly assessed the prospects of development of this sphere, noted the need of improving the system of training specialists.

Time have passed to plant cotton even when it is not profitable. It is necessary to grow other, profitable crops. For example, licorice is suitable for natural and climatic conditions of this region. Therefore, there should be no obstacles to the expansion of its crops, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

“Lanextrakt” joint venture in Chimbay district produces an extract of licorice root. The company processes 30 thousand tons of licorice root and produces 1,3 thousand tons of extract per year. 200 workplaces are created at the enterprise, organized in cooperation with Chinese investors.

The President of our country also got acquainted with the project of organization in Karakalpakstan of plantations of medicinal plants. Large-scale work was carried out in the region in accordance with the Decree of the Head of our state “On establishment of free economic zones “Nukus-pharm”, “Zomin-pharm”, “Kosonsoy-pharm”, “Syrdaryo-pharm”, “Boysun-pharm”, “Bustonlik-pharm” and “Parkent-pharm” of May 3, 2017, special attention is paid to creating new workplaces through the effective use of existing production capacity and resource potential.

It is planned to implement 17 projects worth 27,7 million dollars in 2018-2019 for development of pharmaceutical industry of the region. This will allow the production and export of pharmaceutical products of 37 types.

“Nukus Med Tech” LLC is planning to launch production of medical products, “Berlin pharm” LLC – medicines for treatment of oncological diseases, “Turtkul shisha idishlari” LLC in Turtkul district will produce pharmaceutical containers.

Other projects on production of pharmaceutical and other products were also presented. In particular, it was told about the plans on production of cellulose. This project, implemented in two stages, involves organization of the technological process from the production of paper to the manufacture of finished products from it.

It is planned to organize new enterprises based on the inventory of empty and unused buildings and areas, in Karakalpakstan. Proposals on employment of low-income families were submitted.

The Head of our state met with activists and representatives of intelligentsia of Chimbay district. At the meeting, views were exchanged on events taking place in the world, on issues concerning the population, improving activities of the education and healthcare systems.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Takhiatash district.

Information was presented on the implemented activity in 2017 on integrated development of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. 2 112 projects were implemented in the region after the previous trip of the Head of our state. As a result of implementation of projects in the spheres of industry, agriculture and services, the production of export-oriented products has been established. About 11 thousand workplaces were created.

Within the framework of the comprehensive development program of the Republic of Karakalpakstan for 2018-2019, it is planned to implement another 1 309 projects. Funds of enterprises-initiators, commercial banks and foreign investment will be allocated on their implementation. Production of new types of products will be mastered, the level of localization and processing will be increased, about 10 thousand workplaces will be created.

Large enterprises of our country are involved in the process of bringing the industry of the region to a new level. In particular, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat plans to establish production of metal structures and non-standard equipment in Takhiatash district, Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combinat – reinforced concrete products, sand and crushed stone in Karauzak district.

The Head of our state gave instructions on diversification of the economy of Karakalpakstan, production of goods with added value, expansion of exports.

The main attention was paid to the activities on development of Tebinbulak iron ore deposit. Currently, metal products in our country are being produced on the basis of melting scrap metal. The Tebinbulak deposit has huge iron ore reserves. Its development will take place in two stages. As a result, starting from 2021, it will be possible to produce 1 million tons of steel per year. For the organization of activities in this direction, a corresponding directorate was established under Uzbekistan Railways.

The main attention was paid to the activities on development of Tebinbulak iron ore deposit.

Projects on organization of new enterprises on the basis of inefficiently used facilities were also presented. It is planned to organize 6 small industrial zones in Karakalpakstan. The objects will be provided free of charge ownership rights for a period of 5 years with subsequent registration. Construction and restoration of engineering and communication networks will be carried out at the expense of the State budget. In these zones conditions will be created for the organization of production, the development of entrepreneurship.

Projects of joint-stock companies “Uzkurilishmateriallari” and “Uzbekenergo”, plans on raising the living standards of the population of the Aral Sea region were also presented.

The Head of our state paid special attention to the importance of these projects for Karakalpakstan, gave instructions to responsible persons on each of them.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited a modern logistics center, which is being organized in Khodjeyli district. This complex is being built in accordance with the instruction given by the President of the country in January this year.

The logistics center, organized by “Khodjeyli agrosanoat markazi” LLC will be engaged in the storage, processing and export of agricultural products, the uninterrupted supply of this product to the domestic market, will serve the rational use of land, creation of new workplaces and increasing the country’s export potential.

In the complex, the area of which is 15,3 hectares, it is planned to sort, process and pack 5 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables in 2018. 150 people will work here.

Presentation of investment projects that are being implemented in Karakalpakstan in the food industry, development programs on livestock, poultry, beekeeping and fish farming was held. Thus, in 2018-2019, it is planned to implement 70 projects on processing fruit and vegetable products and meat, construction of refrigerated storages. It is planned to implement 250 projects within the framework of the livestock and poultry development program for 2018-2020. As a result, more than 730 workplaces will be created. Within the framework of the fish culture development program, 6 projects will be implemented in 2018-2020. Breeding fish will be established in the rice fields of Nukus and Kanlykul districts.

A draft program on effective use of homestead land in Karakalpakstan in 2018 was also presented.

The Head of our state noted the importance of such projects, gave instructions on their revision and timely implementation.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with projects on construction and reconstruction of melioration and irrigation networks in Karakalpakstan.

Irrigation-reclamation activities worth 248 billion sums were implemented in 2013-2017 in the Aral Sea region, at the expense of budgetary funds and centralized investments, water supply of 140 thousand hectares and reclamation of 231 thousand hectares of areas were improved.

The resolution of the Head of our state “On the State Program of development of irrigation and improvement of the reclamation state of irrigated lands for the period of 2018-2019” of November 27 this year has contributed to the expansion of the scope of this work.

In accordance with this resolution, in the next two years, it is planned to reconstruct 140 kilometers of canals and 53 hydraulic engineering constructions, which will improve the reclamation state of 60 thousand hectares of irrigated land. Construction and reconstruction activities on reservoirs with a length of more than 246 kilometers, repair and restoration of 3 735 kilometers of collectors are planned. As a result, the ameliorative condition of 89 thousand hectares of land will improve, the productivity of agricultural crops will increase.

Construction of Shurbulak reservoir in order to improve water supply in shallow waters in the lower reaches of Amudarya, development of fish farming, livestock, horticulture and creation of new workplaces is planned in Turtkul district.

As it is known, the drying up of the Aral and the retreat of the sea for 180-200 kilometers from the shore led to the exposure of the bottom. As a result, the waters of Amudarya flow into the Aral from a height, as a result of which, rills are formed alongside the reservoir of Muynak district. As a result, the Muynak reservoir, Rybachye, Makpalkul, Zakirkul lakes are becoming shallow, fish and fauna of this area is under the threat of extinction.

To prevent this, activity on reconstruction and restoration of the capacity of the northern and eastern dams was carried out in 2013-2017. At the next stage it is planned to restore the dam along Maypost lake and build a hydraulic structure that will allow water to flow from the lake into the old estuary of Amudarya.

The Head of our state was also presented a project on improving water resources management in southern Karakalpakstan.

As a result of implementation of the project, water supply of about 100 thousand hectares of areas in Ellikkala, Beruniy and Turtkul districts will be se t up and 269 million cubic meters of water saved per year. Stopping 23 pumping stations, as well as more than 450 pumping aggregates of the Association of water users and farms will allow to save 52 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

The President of our country gave instructions on qualitative implementation of projects in irrigation sphere and rational use of water resources in the region.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting with deputies of Jokargy Kenes and activists of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The implemented activity was critically analyzed, priority areas and actual tasks on development of all spheres for the next two years were identified.

Measures on regular sending of heads of relevant ministries, as well as companies and banks to the regions, searching for additional reserves at places, development and implementation of specific investment projects are continuing, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. In the same way, they worked for two weeks prior to today’s trip to Karakalpakstan, and, as a result, a draft new program aimed at attracting additional investments was developed.

According to this program, more than 1300 projects worth 4,5 trillion sums will be realized and almost 10 thousand workplaces created in 2018-2019, in Karakalpakstan. In particular, 232 investment projects worth 492 million dollars are planned to be realized in the industry.

At the same time, it is planned to implement 5 large projects worth over 3,4 billion dollars in fuel energy and mining metallurgy sectors of Karakalpakstan, noted the President of our country.

The visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Karakalpakstan continues.

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