Kazakhstan allows imports of Nexia and Matiz till 1 July

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May 25, 2014

Kazakhstan allows imports of Nexia and Matiz till 1 July

The Government of Kazakhstan allowed imports of Nexia and Matiz cars, produced in Uzbekistan, to the country till 1 July 2014.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan signed a resolution, which moved term of introduction of imports of automobiles on technical parameters from 5 January to 1 July 2014.

The corresponding amendments were introduced to technical regulation “Requirements to safety of automobile transports”.

According to introduced requirements, new automobiles of the M1 category (with seats for eight persons, not including the driver) should have anti-lock braking system, front airbags, child seat mounting ISOFIX, daytime running lights and immobilizer.

It is worth to mention that automobiles Nexia and Matiz, produced at GM Uzbekistan, do not meet all these requirements.