Knowledge of soldiers doing fixed-term military service tested

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January 17, 2018

Knowledge of soldiers doing fixed-term military service tested

At a military unit in the Tashkent military district, soldiers doing fixed-term military service have had their knowledge tested.

The overall number of test questions for servicemen doing fixed-term military service is 100. Of these, 40 relate to combat training, and 20 are about spiritual enlightenment. In this year’s tests, 10 questions about physics and 10 about mathematics were included. And the remaining 20 are questions about logic.

After the tests’ results are checked, information about the results is sent to the command of the relevant military unit, and this information is of significance when it comes to granting recommendations when servicemen are transferred to the reserve.

In accordance with the relevant provision, those people who have such recommendations will have privileges in the form of additional points in entrance exams for higher educational institutions in this country.

“I believe that I will achieve good results in the tests and obtain a recommendation from the command of the military unit,” says Sanjarbek Umaraliev, a soldier from Namangan.