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November 21, 2016



An international exhibition ‘Equipment and Products of Small Businesses’ has wrapped up in the capital’s exhibition and trade complex Kurgazma Savdo Markazi.

Small business and private entrepreneurship rank among major factors of successful and effective development of many economies in the world. Uzbekistan has been actively moving on this way: the share of small business in GDP has reached 56.5%, in employment – 78%. A large-scale package of measures to support small businesses is called to continue the progress, which should transform the national economy into an effective instrument for stimulating initiatives of the private sector.

Modernization of facilities and introduction of up-to-date high-performance energy-efficient equipment are major objectives of the ongoing measures. This is the reason why Uzbekistan regularly organizes various exposition events, which demonstrate the products of the world’s forefront manufacturers, as well as domestic companies.

The International Exhibition ‘Equipment and Products of Small Businesses’ is primarily aimed to help in the establishment of partnerships between the representatives of the sector, as well as to further develop small economy, which, in many ways, builds the competitive environment, thereby contributing to the acceleration of GDP growth.

The event was attended by representatives of over 40 leading companies from China, who presented equipment for the food, furniture, textile and construction materials industries, as well as finished products.

For example, the Hua Rui company presents plastic heat exchangers that are widely used for heating, air conditioning, as well as in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industries. The Xinjiang construction company demonstrated a unique product in our market – plaster tiles with PVC surface, which is great for facade works, bathrooms and kitchens for high moisture resistance, it is easy to clean, has fire-resistant properties and is environmentally friendly.

“Our products might be interesting for the automotive industry. We manufacture spare parts and components for vehicles of different brands by means of 3D-printers. We hope to work closely with large enterprises of this sector in Uzbekistan. We see the exhibition as a good chance for negotiations with Uzbek partners,” said the representative of Xinjiang Fenva Autoparts Too Yong Xian.

Stands of domestic manufacturers from different regions of the country also drew attention Greater attention on the part of the visitors. There was hardly a person who stayed indifferent to the bright play of silk and adras, fine gold embroidery works, a special color of fashion accessories.

“Our land, Marghilan, has been anciently known for sericulture. Up to now, we have been carefully preserving the traditions, passing our skills on from generation to generation. That is why we present handmade fabrics in the exhibition. There are 20 kinds of silk alone. The foreign guests are very much interested in adras of different colors and patterns. We have already established some contacts on joint projects and exports, and intend to elaborate on them with our foreign partners,” said a Marghilan craftsman Abdusattor Abdukahharov.