Latvian media about experience of Uzbekistan on outreaching of adopted laws to the public

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July 6, 2015

Latvian media about experience of Uzbekistan on outreaching of adopted laws to the public

Latvian_mediaOn the electronic portal Baltic News Service BNS published an article “Outreaching of adopted laws to officials and public: Uzbekistan’s and international best practices”, which tells about the past in Tashkent round table and discussing the issues.

In particular, the article reported that the event was attended by deputies of the Legislative Chamber and the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, senior officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office, ministries and departments, their colleagues from Azerbaijan, Vietnam, China, Latvia, Poland and other countries, as well as experts foreign countries and authoritative international organizations.

As emphasized by the publication, during the meeting it was noted that the effectiveness of any law in the first place depends on the timeliness of bringing it to the public and the direct executors, as well as on how correctly and fully understand its requirements from the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Baltic News Service also informs readers that in the past years in Uzbekistan have adopted the laws “On guarantees and freedom of access to information”, “On mass media”, “On normative legal acts” (revised), “On the openness of state power and control”. Government of the Republic approved the procedure for dissemination of legal acts, according to which implemented a system of mandatory publication of their projects on the websites of ministries and departments.

Round table was another step in the consolidation of efforts not only of the ministries and departments of Uzbekistan, but also the international community to further improve the legal culture and literacy. It allowed representatives of different countries to discuss the existing problems, to explore the best practices to consider the most relevant and pressing issues, ways to solve them”, – article concludes.