Legal basis for labor protection 

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January 21, 2016

Legal basis for labor protection 


Legislative work is a multi-faceted activity. The process of developing new laws and amendments and additions to the existing instruments to meet the requirements of time imposes a great responsibility on the deputies, and requires them to high performance.

An example of this is the draft law “On labor protection” in the new edition, which has been conceptually supported by UzLiDeP faction in the first reading.

More than 22 years have passed since the adoption of the current law. A number of legal acts, regulating the issues of labor protection, establishing the modern requirements in this sphere have been adopted over the past years. The purpose of the document is to bring the law into conformity with the requirements of the new adopted laws and other legal acts, increase employer liability and workers ‘ organizations on the implementation of labor protection requirements, defining the functions of special authorized state body and other state administration bodies for ensuring proper control of conditions and labor protection.

In fact, the new draft law is consonant with the program goals and objectives of UzLiDeP. After all, in recent years our country has carried out systematic work on economic liberalization, introduction of market management mechanisms, and the establishment of a favorable business climate. As a result, the number of employers, especially in the private sector has significantly increased, the share of small business and private entrepreneurship in gross domestic product currently is more than 56 per cent and now this area employs more than 77 percent of the employed population. Given that the electorate of UzLiDeP is mainly comprised of entrepreneurs and farmers who are employers, it is important for our fraction to review the current law “On labor protection”, which in turn will strengthen the social responsibility as of employer, so of responsible workers on the execution of labor protection requirements.

In general, this law is a logical continuation of the ongoing reforms in our country to establish decent working conditions, strengthen the legal framework in the field of labor.

Shukhrat Sharafutdinov,

member of UzLiDeP faction in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis