Legislative Chamber considers several draft laws

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March 5, 2016

Legislative Chamber considers several draft laws


Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan held a session, in the course of which the deputies reviewed a number of bills aimed at deepening of the reforms in various spheres of the society.

The issues included in the agenda of the session of the lower house of the Parliament had previously been preliminary discussed at the meetings of factions of political parties and deputy group fr om Ecological movement of Uzbekistan, committees of the Legislative chamber with participation of representatives of ministries and departments, civil society institutions.

As was noted at the session, our country is implementing measures to establish effective legal mechanisms to ensure citizens ‘ rights to work, to free choice of employment and favorable conditions of work. The legislation in this sphere is constantly improving. In the process of article-by-article discussion of the draft law “On labor protection” in a new edition, the deputies stressed that the need to further strengthen the constitutional guarantees of citizens ‘ rights in the sphere of labor protection is determined by the dynamic development of the market economy, modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of production, development of the legal framework reforms.

Previously, the bill was discussed by the members of the committees of the lower chamber with participation of representatives of civil society, labor groups, specialists of this sphere, which allowed to develop a number of proposals and recommendations for its further improvement. The discussion of the bill also took place at the meetings of the “Bloc of democratic forces” and opposition factions in the lower house of parliament, following the results of which their positions on this legal act have been formed.

– In preparing the bill for the second reading, we paid particular attention to the priorities identified by the head of our state at the ceremonial meeting devoted to the 23rd anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. We tried to work out the most detailed provisions that establish the general principles and mechanisms, reduced the reference rules – says the Chairman of the Committee for labor and social affairs Yoqub Umarov. – New edition of the law “On labor protection” aims at bringing its provisions into conformity with the requirements of the newly adopted normative-legal acts, as well as with modern requirements of market economy, democratic reforms, strengthening of social partnership, development of entrepreneurship and labor legislation in the country. The law provides for the strengthening of public control over observance of legislation in the sphere of labor protection, a clear definition of the powers of state bodies in regulation of relations in the sphere of labor protection, the establishment of requirements for state examination of working conditions, certification of workplaces, organization of audit of labor protection, increasing the responsibility of employers and employees for violation of requirements in the sphere of labor protection.

During the discussion, deputies exchanged views on the issues of application of norms of the Law “On labor protection” and other legal acts in this sphere. It was noted that the law under consideration will become a solid legal basis in the protection of labor.

In the preparation of bills great attention was paid to the organization of their meaningful discussion at different levels of government, institutions of civil society. Hereby the process of discussion of drafts of legislative acts involved members of the expert groups formed under the committees, and comprised of a number of leading experts, scientists, practitioners of the respective fields, representatives of civil institutions.

Particular attention at the session was paid to the review of adopted in December last year the draft law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law “On accounting”. On the proposal of the “Bloc of democratic forces” this bill has been adopted as amended.

It was pointed out that the Republic has a solid legal basis for the establishment and formation of the accounting system, ensuring the observance by economic entities of the legislation requirements on accounting, the effective decision of tasks on formation of the integrated system in this sphere.

The meeting participants stressed that the proposed amendments will facilitate the implementation of the tasks defined in decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures on introduction of modern methods of corporate management in joint stock companies” and “On measures on further cardinal improvement of business environment and providing greater freedom to entrepreneurship”. They will also serve to further increase the responsibility of officials, heads of the accounting services for the organization and maintenance of accounting records. The law will create better conditions and opportunities for further development of the system of accounting in accordance with international principles and standards, the growth of the economy.

– I would like to note the timeliness of consolidation of some concepts, in particular, a clear definition of “accounting”, “accounting information” that contributes to a more complete disclosure of the principles of accounting, – said a member of the Committee on budget and economic reforms A. Tukhtabaev. – In preparing the bill for the second reading the deputies, committees and deputy unions of the Legislative chamber, state bodies, public organizations and scientists, experts and accountants-practitioners forwarded over 70 proposals for improving this bill. Most of them have been taken into account during its preparation for the second reading. The new edition of the law was discussed at the meetings of factions and the “Bloc of democratic forces” and opposition factions, wh ere they formed their own positions.

The deputies of the lower house of parliament has article by article reviewed in the second reading of the draft law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law “On donorship of blood and its components”, which aims at further development in the Republic of donation, as well as the draft law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the laws “On natural monopolies” and “On protection of consumer rights”.

After item-by-item discussion, the deputies approved the above draft laws and adopted them in the second reading.

Members of the lower house of Parliament also reviewed a number of bills in the first reading. In particular, they reviewed the draft law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law “On technical regulation”, which provides for bringing the provisions into line with international requirements that will protect the interests of consumers and the state in the field of safety of products, processes and services, the use of international test methods and measurement products.

The deputies also considered the draft law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law “On subsoil”. As was noted, its adoption will further enhance the efficiency of exploration activities and creation of competitive environment in the sphere of subsoil use, as well as high-quality execution of requirements of the legislation in the sphere of rational use of raw minerals base of the Republic.

Following the conceptual discussion, the deputies approved the draft laws and adopted them in the first reading. The responsible committees have been entrusted with the preparation of documents for the next reading, taking into account the received proposals.