Let every day be as a holiday

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July 24, 2015

Let every day be as a holiday

These days in the cities of our country there are being held musical events where famous artists, artistic collectives are taking part. These events are dedicated to the 24-anniversary of the independence and there songs about the motherland and independence are being sung.


One of these vents was held in Fergana region.

The human being is a creator, a listener and an inspirer of wonderful sounds. The role of music which inspires the person to do good deeds is very significant. As the president of our country has noted without musical art one can not achieve the spiritual perfection. These musical events play an important role in the development of national art and good features in the young generation.

These aspects were reflected at the events which were held on the square of theater-concert palace of Fergana city, in the parks of culture and recreation of Margilan city and Kuva district. The famous artist from the capital, artistic collectives of the region sang songs about the motherland, independence, peace, youth, love.

– Our nation highly appreciates art – says the national artist of Uzbekistan Gulsanam Mamazoitova. – And at this event our compatriots sang songs with professional artists. This means that they not only listen to the song, but also can sing it at a high level. The representatives of the elder generation and the youth also listen to performed songs with great pleasure. This inspires them to create songs with high meaning. Surely, this is the result of the independence we got, the peace and stability in the society.