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October 15, 2016



The capital has hosted a workshop for representatives of key industrial enterprises. The event was aimed at building the capacity of specialists of mining, oil and gas and chemical industries in energy efficiency.

The event was initiated under a joint project of the World Bank Group and the Ministry of Economy, aiming at enhancement of skills of domestic experts in the field of energy efficiency.

Within two weeks, nearly one hundred specialists of domestic enterprises attended a course, which was organized by the program of the German Integration Environment & Energy GmbH in partnership with domestic UB1 Consulting and Uzbekenergo Research and Engineering Center. Led by leading international experts, the workshop covered the issues of energy audits and energy monitoring in industrial plants. The course also included a study of modern energy-saving technologies in the mining, chemical, oil and gas industries, the methods of heat recovery in process gases, the use of low-grade heat sources in metallurgical production.

The first week of training was assigned to theory on management and efficient use of energy resources. At the close of the course, all participants underwent the test trials, which identified the most advanced specialists fr om each company and industry. They were invited for a three-day practical course with applied classes, wh ere specialists learned making a decision on reducing energy intensity in production processes and implementing energy efficient projects. The practical part of the training included skills in data analysis, modeling, and development of solution schemes. The participants presented their own situational models and ways of addressing the problems of energy efficiency in industrial plants.

“Our plant ranks among the largest enterprises, which consume significant amounts of power during the production process,” says Deputy Chief Power Engineer of Uzmetkombinat Usmon Abdullayev. “Every year we take integrated measures on rational use, loss reduction and energy saving. Therefore, the involvement in the energy efficiency project for industrial enterprises is very useful for us.”

As noted by Usmon Abdullayev, the company has already implemented four projects, thereby ensuring more than 1.5 million kWh/year of energy savings. For example, the introduction of new equipment at the drive of the pump unit allowed reducing up to 30% of energy consumption, decreasing inrush current and voltage drop in the power line, and network losses. The abovementioned measures have resulted in the increase of engine efficiency and power. The introduction of modern equipment have ensured the smooth motor starting, increased the reliability of the water supply system, reduced the number of intermediate repairs and overhauls of the main line, and its downtime.

In addition to a significant reduction in energy consumption, the company introduced full automatic operation control. It allows getting real-time information about the state of the unit and heating elements, which should improve the product quality and reduce shortcomings. The same can be referred to other innovations. The replacement of worn-out air compressors with energy-efficient screw compressors, in addition to reduced power consumption, allowed eliminating water cooling and ensuring full control of multiple compressor system, and prompt responding during emergencies. For the future, the company schedules two more projects that are currently under development.

The organizers believe that workshop participants will apply their knowledge and skills directly in the production, offering up-to-date and effective ways of cutting energy costs, and contributing to the cost reduction and enhancement of the product competitiveness.