Localization program earned a score

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January 16, 2015

Localization program earned a score


localization_programAccording to the information service of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Privatization, De-monopolization and Development of Competition in 2014 it has been considered and given opinions on 348 passports of projects providing localization of more than 458 kinds of products.

These projects suppose the localization of production of consumer goods (44 projects), engineering products (53 projects), building materials (42 projects), pharmaceutical products and medical devices (25 projects), electrical products (42 projects), metal products (46 projects) and others.

Among the reviewed passports of localization projects:

– by 29 were given to the conclusion of the feasibility of their completion;

– by 105 were established a developed competitive environment, including 60 projects were found that the market is saturated with local products, 45 project’s saturation level is not high enough in view of the volume of imports;

– by 289 projects were set a low level of development of the competitive environment or the lack of it.

In particular, it has been considered the passport of localization projects of JV TOSHAFUS Ltd. for the production of passenger and cargo lifts, JV Global Cosmetics for the production of shampoos based surfactants, LLC “Energomash Vodiy Mechanics” for the production of spare parts of steel castings for power, JV UZ-KOREA MEDIKAL medical and other products.