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March 12, 2017



Decree of the President of Uzbekistan on February 3, 2017 on the further improvement of mahalla institution is essential for the effective fulfillment of the tasks entrusted to the citizens’ self-government bodies, the coordination of their activities, cementing their interaction with public authorities and civil society institutions.

These issues was touched at a press conference in Tashkent which discussed the tasks standing before the Fund “Mahalla” in the Year of Dialogue with the people and human interests. At the same time it was emphasized that the mahalla should become one of the main organizers and initiators in their execution.

The Decree defines five priority areas for the perfection of the mahalla institute. First of all, it means that is to reinforce the place and the role of citizens in society, turning them into local structures in places truly supporting and assisting the population. It is also necessary to bolster up the significance and authority of mahallas in the formation of an atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness and charity, social cohesion, preservation and development of national and universal values.

The intensification of the interaction of citizens self-government bodies with state and public organizations in the upbringing of young people as spiritually developed and physically healthy individuals, guaranteeing its employment, protecting the young generation from ideological threats, social support of vulnerable groups and the older generation is the most important area in this field.

It is provided the expanding of the direct involvement of mahallas to ensure public order and security, early warning of crimes, amplifying a sense of respect for the law among citizens, as well as the introduction of effective mechanisms to secure the rights and legitimate interests of the person.

The Republican Council for the coordination of activities of citizens’ self-government bodies will receive the status of a legal entity with transforming it in the form of an association of citizens’ gatherings, and territorial councils of provinces, districts and cities will be formed as its structural divisions.

In order to provide an effective realization of the tasks entrusted to the institute of mahalla, the structure of citizens’ gatherings will include a deputy chairman of citizens’ gatherings, local neighborhood police officers, heads of educational institutions and rural medical centers, and the submission of the quarterly report on their activity to the citizens gatherings by them will be also introduced in the practice.

To execute these basic tasks and new regulations, the complex program of measures providing for the implementation of 37 concrete events on further improving the activity of councils and support of citizens’ self-government bodies was approved by the Decree.

In order to prop up the material-technical base of the self-government bodies, to create children’s playgrounds and public service facilities, the territorial programs will be elaborated in 2017-2021. There will be also taken measures to emerge the building complexes of “Center of Mahalla” on the basis of model projects at the centers of districts and towns before December 1, 2018.

At the same time it was provided the establishment of a badge “Mahalla iftikhori” which will be awarded to enterprising citizens and representatives of public organizations who have made a worthy contribution to the realization of the tasks entrusted to self-government bodies.0820a060bae9c5982c7c1cb2e3fdb9d1