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February 20, 2017



In the framework of the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests, groups including members of the Senate, deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis and local councils of people’s deputies are getting familiar with the ongoing reforms and living conditions of the people in the various regions of the country.

Particular attention is attached to the activities of state and public organizations, mahallas, educational and medical institutions, studied are the execution of laws of the country, decrees and resolutions of the President, removed obstacles on the way of improvement of living standards.

Some problems were solved on the spot at the meeting of deputies and senators with entrepreneurs and farmers of Gallaaral district of Jizzakh region. In particular, the head of a small business “Marvarid nur” Ikhtiyor Kholbutayev raised the issue of the need to obtain a loan for the expansion of production, and the head of the company “Oltin boshoq sadosi” Shavkat Sabirov – the necessity of the increase in the volume of raw materials allocated to his company. There were reached agreements with the heads of relevant agencies on these questions.

“The tasks set by the President of the country on establishing a dialogue with the people is a reliable tool to remove the many problems what I learned during the meeting with senators and deputies,” said the head of the Muzbuloq-Oybek farm Abduvali Pardayev. “My appeal on the allocation of land in the territory of our farm for the construction of production plant was not seen for a long time. However, at that meeting, the heads of cadastral services were instructed to solve my issue, and deputies of regional council were charged for monitoring its execution.”

In Ishtikhon district of Samarkand region, the MPs met with businesspeople. A detailed and open discussion was carried out about their problems with the participation of representatives of the public prosecution offices, bodies of internal affairs, hokimiyat (local administration). The situation in the secondary school № 1 of the rural citizen’s assembly “Khalkobod”, material and technical conditions of preschool educational institution number 17 and a professional college of domestic services was also the subject of the study.

During the meetings there were raised urgent questions hanging in the air, and they were addressed directly on the spot, and this indicate that the lack of attention of responsible officials to the villagers’ problems.

“A number of problems lies on the surface,” chairman of the Committee on Budget and Economic Reforms of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis A. Shadmanov said. “Our main goal is to identify them and determine the causes of their origin. In just a few days of work we went around dozens of families, learned about their concerns. Locals are willing to go for an open dialogue. Many problems were solved quickly. For example, a signal to the local labor authority allowed to find a suitable job for a college graduate, a call to the bank – to promptly issue a loan for the student’s contract (tuition fee) at the high education institution. A number of issues on the basis of studying the situation in the region will be generalized, taken on parliamentary control, and we use all our deputy powers for their solution.”

Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Nurdinjon Ismailov was with a group of deputies and members of the Senate who visited Shafirkan district of Bukhara region. He acquainted with the situation in dehkan (farmer) markets, met with the staff of rural medical post “Tezguzar” where created the necessary conditions for the provision of high quality health care to residents, teachers and teachers of secondary school No 38 and preschool educational institution No 5 in the Shodlik mahalla.

During the meeting particular significance was placed on the quality of education and training, material and technical situation of state institutions. The head of the lower house of the parliament interested in the conditions created for the workers and opportunities for the creation of additional jobs at the sewing enterprise “Shofirkon equatorial tex”.

The Senate Chairman Nigmatilla Yuldoshev with a group of legislators visited the Bayaut district of Syrdarya region where he took part in the extraordinary session of the district council of people’s deputies.

“Parliamentarians conduct dialogue with the people, meet face to face with the residents of mahallas, study their concerns,” said the senator I. Karatayev. “A lot of questions we have been able to solve on the spot, the others are generalized for further discussion with colleagues, development and decision-making. Most often, people are raising questions regarding bank lending, use of plastic cards, employment, quality of medical services, activities of law enforcement bodies, and this means it is necessary to address them comprehensively. These meetings will allow us to define guidelines for further activities.”

(As part of the social order of the Oliy Majlis Public Fund for Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions).