«MDIS in Tashkent will promote deepening of relations between Uzbekistan and Singapore»

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May 30, 2016

«MDIS in Tashkent will promote deepening of relations between Uzbekistan and Singapore»


As we reported, this year the Singapore Institute of Management Development (Management Development Institute of Singapore, MDIS) marks its 60th anniversary of the establishment. On this occasion, a special book is published about the history and modern development of this university. It is encouraging that a separate chapter of this publication is devoted to the opening and operation of the first branch of MDIS established in our nation’s capital Tashkent.

The publication reported that the beginning of cooperation between the Institute and Uzbekistan was laid during the visit of President Islam Karimov to Singapore in January 2007. During the bilateral talks the sides discussed issues of establishing ties in the field of education. The decision to open a branch of MDIS in Tashkent became “the first sign” of the interaction.

Among the factors that ensured Singapore university to open its first overseas branch in Uzbekistan is to indicate its strategically important location in the heart of Central Asia, the fastest growing economy of the republic which was in need of highly qualified personnel. The huge intellectual potential of the Uzbek youth is also called as separate advantage of our country.

As noted in the book, after the final decision was made in June 2007 by the Council of the Board of MDIS on the establishment of the branch in Tashkent the university president Eric Kuan and Secretary General R.Theyvendran repeatedly visited Uzbekistan to address organizational and technical issues.

“MDIS branch in Tashkent was officially opened in November 2008. There are 3 areas for undergraduate and 1 – graduate. It was built a large campus where all conditions are available.

Over the past period, a number of new training programs is introduced. Today, there are studying more than 2,500 students from Uzbekistan and other countries in the region. Tashkent branch of the Singapore Institute also conducts refresher courses for the staff of public institutions and private companies”, – wrote the authors.

In conclusion it is expressed confidence that the activities of MDIS Tashkent will contribute to the expansion and deepening of mutually beneficial relations between Uzbekistan and Singapore.