Measures for protection of population from infectious diseases discussed

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March 5, 2016

Measures for protection of population from infectious diseases discussed


Preventive measures on protection of the population from infectious diseases, as well as issues of further maintaining of sanitary and epidemiological welfare in Uzbekistan were in the focus of attention of participants of the press conference held in the capital.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of health of Uzbekistan, the staff of the Center for state sanitary-epidemiological supervision, specialists of scientific research institutes and others.

As was noted during the event, targeted implementation of measures of sanitary-epidemiological service for the prevention and control of viral infections in the country has allowed reaching a stable epidemiological well-being. In particular, as a result of increased monitoring of drinking water quality, the number of infectious diseases that spread through water has dropped sharply. The cases of typhoid have declined by 148 times, paratyphoid – 120 times, viral hepatitis B – 136 times.

In addition, widespread immunization of the population at the expense of the state against 12 infectious diseases are being held to date, according to the National calendar of preventive vaccination.

– The incidence of hepatitis A has significantly declined. In 2002, the World Health Organization issued a certificate stating that Uzbekistan is polio-free. The same certificate we expect this or next year against malaria. There are no such diseases as diphtheria, no measles, rubella, neonatal tetanus. Soon it is planned to introduce a new type of vaccination against papillomavirus – said the Deputy Director on scientific work of the Scientific Research Institute of Virology of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan Renat Latypov.

Points of sanitary inspection, existing on the border of our state are playing an important role in maintaining the stable epidemiological situation on infectious diseases. Specialists, along with preventing penetration of infectious diseases into our country from outside, control the quality and safety of imported from other countries food and other consumer goods.

During the conference, participants also stressed the large-scale work held in the country on the improvement of the quality of laboratory research.

As was noted at the end of the event, as the result of consistently implemented measures, to date our country has an effective system for protection of the population from infectious diseases, able to eliminate any epidemiological threat, prevent the penetration and spread of infectious and parasitic diseases on the territory of Uzbekistan.