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April 13, 2017



An integrated system of emergency medical aid has been created in this country to ensure the provision of free medical services by the state for the country’s population.

The republic’s emergency medical aid scientific centre, its branches in territories and emergency medical aid departments at district and town medical associations are working well for the population’s health. A whole range of measures are being taken to provide medical equipment and special motor vehicles for the emergency medical aid provision system’s establishments.

A Presidential decree dated 16 March 2017 “On measures to further improve emergency medical services” is an important programme document in conducting the kinds of reforms in the emergency medical aid provision system that conform to today’s requirements and meet the population’s needs.

This document specifies priority tasks relating to the formation of a modern hi-tech and effective emergency medical aid system. Specifically, this year, 1 thousand 200 special motor vehicles are to be purchased for emergency medical aid services at town and district medical associations.

Under this decree, 40 new ambulance vehicles have been allocated for Qashqadaryo Region’s emergency medical aid provision departments. This will make it possible to further raise the quality and scope of the provision of emergency medical services for the region’s population.

“The quality of medical services being provided for the population is improving with every passing year,” says the chief of Karshi District’s emergency medical aid department, Shuhrat Tillayev.