Meeting with delegation of the Korea Stock Exchange

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May 4, 2015

Meeting with delegation of the Korea Stock Exchange


MEETING_WITH_DELEGATIONAt the State Committee of Uzbekistan on privatization, de-monopolization and competition development held a meeting with the head of the Department of the Korean Stock Exchange (KSE) on business development in emerging markets Steve Daychun Kim and brokerage analyst KoreanInvestment & SecuritiesCo. LTD Myung-Wang Yu.

According to the Committee, during the meeting discussed the implementation of the provisions of the contract, in particular, the work on improvement of the legal framework, held with the participation of experts KSE, training of staff and improve the investment attractiveness of the Republican Stock Exchange “Tashkent” to actively participate in the future of major foreign companies in bidding for the sale of securities issuing companies of Uzbekistan and ensuring their maximum liquidity.

The parties have agreed that until the end of 2015 KSE will complete supply of equipment, IT technology and software, their installation, commissioning and training for the launch, as well as assistance in the implementation of measures to enhance the liquidity of the stock and the saturation of the market.

The result of cooperation between the Committee and the KSE will be the expansion of areas of cooperation between the two countries stock markets, access to modern information technology to create a modernized infrastructure of the stock market in Uzbekistan, which will greatly facilitate the search for potential investors for business through a public offering.