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July 9, 2017

Mend Your Sails in Summer

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has appointed three working groups led by vice-premiers, to prepare the country for the upcoming autumn-winter period.

The decision was made to reason. Executives of certain organizations, economic associations, as well as regional, municipal and district administrations were subjected to serious disciplinary sanctions for shortcomings and superficial attitude towards preparation of assigned territories for the fall-winter period of 2016-2017. It is expected that a new approach will help to avoid previous problems.

The first group will deal with the preparation of apartment buildings, get heat and water supply facilities up and running and sustain their proper maintenance, arrange common areas and elevator equipment, ensure sanitation of community territories, and organize landscaping works.

The second group will be responsible for the organization of works on timely and sufficient provision of social sector, industries and the population with basic fuel and energy resources, for the preparation of power supply facilities, gas supply facilities and coal industry enterprises.

Finally, the third group will specialize in preparation of social facilities for sustainable work in the fall-winter period, ensuring their compliance with the requirements for sanitation and public amenities.

The President has also approved several assignments to prevent sharp growth and leaps in prices for vegetables and legumes in the coming autumn and winter period. The head of state admitted flaws and distortions that were made during procurement of major types of agricultural productsas part of preparation for the winter-spring period of 2016-2017.

To prevent such a situation, President Mirziyoyev assigned to conduct an analysis and, by August 1, identify the real volumes of major types of agricultural products based on the needs of the population, focusing on potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, rice and legumes in the context  of regions, cities and districts.

By the end of August, experts should also prepare and submit proposals to the government on increasing the production volumes of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes in greenhouses in the winter-spring period of 2017-2018.

The President entrusted specialized executives to visit the procurement facilities of major types of agricultural products in the regions of the republic: vegetable storages, refrigerating warehouses, warehouses and other facilities, assess their condition and determine the degree of their readiness to procure the necessary volumes of food for sustainable provision of the population.