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September 21, 2016

Monument at Oqtepa Square


Chilonzor Oqtepa archaeological monument has been opened in the capital after the completion of beautification works.

This hill is a unique archaeological site, which has more than 2 thousand years history. The hill has several cultural layers. Some scholars suggest that the Zoroastrian temple was located here in due time.

The last excavations on this monument were carried out in 40s of the last century. Since then it has remained untouched and miraculously survived in rapidly developing urban infrastructure. Recently, it drew attention again. This was facilitated by the road reconstruction got started on the Oqtepa Square.

At the initiative of the Madaniy Meros organization, engaged in the protection of monuments, the ruins of the ancient buildings have been surrounded by a fence. It is planned to erect a canopy that will protect them from further destruction.

Archaeologists have decided to continue the study of the monument.