Multi-storey buildings to be built in Sardoba, Oqoltin and Mirzaabad districts

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May 15, 2020

Multi-storey buildings to be built in Sardoba, Oqoltin and Mirzaabad districts

On May 15, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Syrdarya region.
As is known, on May 1 this year, as a result of a partial collapse of Sardoba Reservoir dam, the nearby makhallas and fields were flooded. The Head of the state immediately arrived at the place of incident and personally took control over the work to stabilize the situation.
As a result of the emergency, 2570 individual and 76 apartment buildings were destroyed in Sardoba, Mirzaabad and Oqoltin districts. In addition, 1781 individual and 52 multi-storey buildings were partially flooded. 70 social, industrial and service facilities, about 20 thousand hectares of agricultural land, 828 kilometers of roads, electricity, gas and water supply networks, communications were damaged.
Solidarity and kindness united our people again in the face of trial. As a result of operational activities, about 90 thousand residents of 28 makhallas of Sardoba, Oqoltin and Mirzaabad districts were evacuated to safe districts.
They were provided with basic necessities, food, clothing and other products. The Republic of Karakalpakstan, all regions, ministries, associations and the population transferred sponsorship funds for Syrdarya, sent building materials, food, clothing, medicines and household items.
During the previous trip to the region, the Head of the state set the task not only to restore, but also to improve the life of the local population, build new housing, social facilities and create new jobs, gave relevant instructions to responsible persons.
Today, the Government Commission is working in this direction. Great efforts and funds have been mobilized for restoration and repair of damaged houses, returning people to their restored homes, assisting them in improving living conditions, restoring infrastructure and protecting public health. Employees of the ministries of Emergency Situations, Internal Affairs and Defense, as well as the National Guard, are working hard in this direction.
To date, damaged houses and streets of about 20 settlements have been cleared, the remains of water removed from 13 makhallas.
Life in these makhallas is gradually returning to normal. About 66 thousand people returned to their homes. In other places, cleaning and repair work is in full swing.
First, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Sardoba district and got acquainted with the work being carried out, examined the houses being repaired, talked with people.

It is planned to build 3 residential areas in Mirzaabad, Sardoba and Oqoltin districts with 66 five-storey houses for 2640 apartments for residents whose houses have become completely unsuitable for living.
In particular, 37 multi-storey buildings with 1480 apartments will be built in Sardoba district’s Dustlik makhalla. The President has laid the first stone of the new residential area.