National Bank provides a service ONLINE BANK

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July 13, 2015

National Bank provides a service ONLINE BANK

National_BankTaking into account the rapid development of information technology, National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan is constantly developing and implementing new projects. In particular, on its official website, the National Bank provides a range of interactive services. ONLINE BANK service is the most modern and high-tech among them.

Information service, consisting of SMS and E-mail-awareness, personal IVR-service and Web-based office, attracts customers to its convenience and reliability.

Operational SMS- and E-mail informing – a set of information services, which are provided to individuals and legal customers of the National Bank by sending SMS-messages on the cell phone and E-mail to e-mail.

Each time a customer pays by credit card or on the card account transfer of funds, he receives an SMS-message about the operation with an indication of balance in his account. The convenience of these services in the fact that they are available to subscribers of all mobile operators.

In addition, by using these services, you can receive SMS or E-mail information on the accrued interest on the deposit, as well as the replenishment of funds or retirement account. This service also provides an opportunity to learn about the percentage of credit operations and collection of the terminal indicating the amount of collection.

In turn, the personal service IVR, acting as a part of information service ONLINE BANK, also popular with customers of the National Bank.

Having access to the service IVR, the user can activate / deactivate the notification of information services, as well as monitor the status of their bank / card accounts and request information about the last execution of operations to receive answers in the form of SMS-messages. Access to the personal IVR-account is protected by PIN-code.

The information service ONLINE BANK also includes a personal Web-Panel, which allows you to control the state of the card account online, regardless of the host country and the time of day. It is possible to work on any computer, as the system does not require the establishment of additional software. Individual access to the Web-cabinet is protected by a login and password.